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    Re: Proudest gaming accomplishment(s)?

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    Beating Through the Fire and Flames on expert in Guitar Hero 3.
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    Re: Proudest gaming accomplishment(s)?

    1. Not really "gaming" per se, but first getting announced as Field Marshal of BLUE back for the first war of Reach, right after we moved to this site from the old one. Link.

    2. Completing all the Vidmaster achievements in Halo 3 and ODST to earn Recon. Before joining FC, I had done all of them except Deja Vu, but it was with others from FC that I finally finished the last one. (Deja Vu was also the last one I needed to 100% ODST)

    3. Being a part of the awesomesauce that was Cyberdyne Squad during the beta war and first war of Halo 4. This barely beat out being a part of Echo Squad during the end of Halo 3, but Echo Squad still deserves an honorable mention.

    4. Partaking in the amazing, neck-and-neck game between CyberPhoenix and Resistance to win the first Halo 4 war. Definitely #1 out of the top 5 games I've played in FC. Video. This was amazing!

    5. The other games in my top 5:
    --High Command Battle to end the Halo 3 wars before we went to Reach. (was actually a best of 7 series of games, but deal with it)
    --Cyberdyne vs Vanguard in Rec0.3. To kick off the start of the battle night, we tied 104-104 in Conflict. Was back and forth the entire time, but neither team was able to come out on top. Link.
    --Subbing in with Phalanx squad during Rec5.08, we actually tied a game of Occupation, 991-991. First and only time I've ever seen an Occupation game tied. Link.
    --End of the 4th Reach War. Was one of the closest Capital Battles ever, with REDD claiming victory 4 sets to 3 sets. The HC battle at the end was also close, but unfortunately a BLUE win 397-359. Was still a great moment, though. Link.

    6. First time doing Vault of Glass and bringing down Atheon after 16 grueling hours. After 12 straight hours the first day, we called it a day and came back the next day to spend 4 hours attempting Atheon until we finally got it.

    7. During the first attempts of Vault of Glass hard-mode, the Confluxes were so insanely difficult (most people were #forever29). We ended up needing 5 people doing left/center, and I was handling the entire right side solo.

    8. Wrecking people in Rumble to get Gjallarhorn. (wasn't my first Gjallarhorn, but was memorable because I got hate-mail from every other person in that game lol) Video.

    9. First Bullet Proof medal. First Mark of the Unbroken medal. Both of these occurred within a few days of each other.
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    Re: Proudest gaming accomplishment(s)?

    1. Becoming on of the most powerful Sith Lords on the server back in SWG.

    2. Securing victory for the Empire in the Battle of Corellia after 7 long intense hours. (It was opening weekend of new open world PvP areas on 3 planets. Our server agreed to give each faction 1 planet and duke it out on Corellia.)

    3. Defeating Skolas and becoming Legend.

    4.Completing Halo 2 on Legendary solo on the original Xbox.

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    4. Partaking in the amazing, neck-and-neck game between CyberPhoenix and Resistance to win the first Halo 4 war. Definitely #1 out of the top 5 games I've played in FC. Video. This was amazing!
    6. Leading both Resistance and 101st Airborne company, two of the greatest companies in recent FC history.

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    Re: Proudest gaming accomplishment(s)?

    The Inhuman Achievement Achievement.

    Defeating a stacked and jacked Phoenix Squad in Halo 3 Wars.

    Defeating Legendary solo on recent Halo games.

    Endure. (Nam flashbacks)

    Making it through Year One Destiny without killing myself.
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    Re: Proudest gaming accomplishment(s)?

    1. Being a part of the squad and a part of the battle that won the war during my first (and kind of last because look at my activity :P) war.

    2. NOT blowing up Donkey and myself on the mongoose when I got us stuck between a rock and a high explosive in my bootcamp when I first signed on to FC.

    3. Halo 3: Ramming some a*****e with a wraith on Valhalla. Unless I boarded it and stuck a grenade in it. Or I was still driving the wraith and I shot him with it. I only clearly remember the a*****e and the wraith. (Only reason it's an achievement was because I recognized the gamer tag of the guy who beat one of my friends badly during one of his first halo matches.)

    My memory aint that good.
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