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    Post FC Update 9.7 - New Field Marshals

    Update 9.7
    Introducing your new Field Marshals!

    Election is OVER!

    Thank you all to who participated in one of the most critical elections in Forerunner Conflict's history. We believe it was crucial to get the entire community together in order to decide who the two best FC-minded people are and who will seriously forward our community into another great era of HALO gaming! So without further ado, here are your new Field Marshals!

    B.L.U.E. ARMY

    Many of you already know (and should know) exactly who Metkil is. He's one of Forerunner Conflict's longest serving members, as well as our community overlord who could literally shut down the whole place in 2 seconds if he really wanted to web master and domain holder. Metkil has most recently served as B.L.U.E. Army's Field Marshal (briefly) during the past MCC war, but has held a plethora of high ranks ever since he was put through a grueling Boot Camp by me back in February of 2007 (8 frickin' years ago). He is by far one of the brightest people I and other members of FC have ever had the pleasure of working with. He also lead one of the best squads, Vague Memories this past war as a dynamite tactician. We look forward to having him lead B.L.U.E. Army and the Forerunner Conflict community forward over the next many months! Congratulations Metkil5685!

    R.E.D.D. ARMY
    WSxPhoenix has been one of the most involved community members since his time of joining back in September of 2006. Previously known as "Redleader115" (and yes, I do believe he once served in a High Command role in BLUE Army with that gamertag), Phoenix's most recent role in FC has been REDD's Brigadier General, however he has held the Field Marshal & General ranks numerous times throughout his career in FC. He has an everlasting passion for this community, whether it be battle nights or the FC Roleplaying, and he takes great pride in calling FC his "virtual home". Phoenix also has had a large part in drafting the community accords and being one of the most civil and respectable people to deal with. We look forward to having him lead R.E.D.D. Army and the Forerunner Conflict community forward over the next many months! Congratulations WSxPhoenix!

    Again, congratulations to both Field Marshals! We expect big things from you guys, and the community will be behind you all of the way!

    What's Next?

    Now that we have the Field Marshals in place, Forerunner Conflict will be taking the next steps to improve internally and externally over the next weeks in preparation for Halo 5. We hope you all stand by us in our quest to deliver the best possible experience over the Halo Gaming Universe! Tomorrow night the War Council is going to have a meeting regarding a "checklist" of sorts that we hope to accomplish by 1) Halo 5's release, and 2) The start of the first war in Halo 5. We highly encourage you, the community members, to keep posting suggestions in our Suggestions subforum, we are always interested to see what you guys have to hear. But here are a few possible things you can expect to happen over the next few days/weeks/months:

    1. New High Commands for the Armies (should be announced by either tonight or the next few days)
    2. A significant update to the Rules of Engagement for battles
    3. A potential FC Marketing Campaign (dealing with recruiting (and recruiting departments), retaining, and revamping of Boot Camps & DIs)
    4. Planning for more frequent community events & potential return FC LARP
    5. Department restructuring (Forge, Media, Recruiting, Graphix, etc)
    6. Website and Forum enhancements & tweaks (Metkil's got this, mang)
    7. Potential Army Restructuring


    So with these changes coming quickly, we need as much support from the community as possible. We're all in this together, and we all want FC to be the best it possibly can be. If you have an idea, please share it. If you are a talented Forger, please join the forge department. If you want to get more people into FC to make battle nights more intense, please join the recruitment department. If you are good with making sigs and graphics, please join a Graphix department. If you are good with multimedia, we could really use some people relaunching FC's podcast, radio, and promotional videos. If you are a creative writer and like roleplaying, start helping out with FC's LARP section. There are a ton of new potential departments and subgroups in FC that can be started, but we need people who have the passion and are going to take the initiative to do so!

    As good as the leaders of Forerunner Conflict may be, we all still do have real lives and our time is limited (I'll be starting a new full-time job on Monday, so I'll know the struggle as well), so the more people that our helping out, the better and easier it will be on all of us. Please get more involved, regardless of what army you're in!

    Emotions everywhere

    Thanks again, Forerunner Conflict Community, for sticking with us over this bumpy year. I can't express how proud I am to still be able to say that I have created an online community almost 10 years ago that still exists today and is still improving each year, and it's with thanks to all of you that it still is alive today and has a very bright future ahead! Some of you may not realize it, but Forerunner Conflict truly has forged literally HUNDREDS, if not thousands, of friendships over the years (even a frickin' baby was a result of FC). There are people in FC who I bet have literally 90-100% of their friends lists now consisting of members, new and old, from Forerunner Conflict, and that speaks volumes about the significance this community has had on the lives of our members. I was 13 years when I first joined the war simulators back in October of 2005, so it'll be 10 years for me come next month. I hope many of you can celebrate the history you've had in Forerunner Conflict like I've been able to, and I hope that we will continue to make more history in the future! Thanks again Forerunner Conflict!

    Founder and Forerunner of Forerunner Conflict

    I created Hill 30

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    Re: FC Update 9.7 - New Field Marshals

    Awesome update. In Metkil we trust
    "Different name, same fate."
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    I (Feedback) tried to flank them Barry Soap style, but it didn't really work out and I just ended up hiding a lot
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    Damn you barry, being seductive to all those recruits by painting vivid, purdy imagery with your words.

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    Re: FC Update 9.7 - New Field Marshals

    congrats to the new field mushrooms
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    Re: FC Update 9.7 - New Field Marshals


    "You must begin by gaining power over yourself; then another; then a group, an order, a world, a species, a group of species; finally, the galaxy itself."

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    Friday: 9:30-6:30

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    Re: FC Update 9.7 - New Field Marshals

    I see lots of things. All of them good
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    Re: FC Update 9.7 - New Field Marshals

    Wait, I won? Damn it, now I have to actually do work.

    Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... .............

    jk time to get things done
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    Re: FC Update 9.7 - New Field Marshals

    Looking forward to the future of FC

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    Re: FC Update 9.7 - New Field Marshals

    Congrats to both FM's

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    Re: FC Update 9.7 - New Field Marshals

    I'm down for starting the LARP on Reach again.

    Also, something REDWATCH/DarkSails this way comes.
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    Re: FC Update 9.7 - New Field Marshals

    Quote Originally Posted by VerbotenDonkey View Post
    Also, something REDWATCH/DarkSails this way comes.

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