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    Book 1, Prelude (definitive edition)

    The Chaotic Incarnation of God follows the life story of a man named Jeremy Treben as he takes part in an epic tale based off the FC:RP and the events of the FC war that will change the universe as we know it.


    They say that a soldier never forgets the faces of the men they’ve killed. They say that there’s no such thing as good or evil in a war. They say a lot of things. This is the story of one man, of an incomprehensibly vast universe, and the ending of an era of power.

    Jeremy felt lost, confused, he tried to look up, only to find himself covered in blood, Some of it his. He looked around the bridge of the ship, alarms blaring and red lights flashing. The body of his commanding officer lay near him. He pushed himself into a sitting position and checked himself quickly. He was wounded, but nothing seemed broken. He was thankful for that and tried to stand up, his mind racing. They were under attack, that much he knew. A routine patrol of inner colony space, the covenant weren’t supposed to be this far in yet! But, why weren’t the destroyed? vaporized? The Nav data. Maybe the covenant didn’t know.. He stumbled to the Nav console and began a purge of all data. Jeremy looked around the bridge, Everyone was either dead or unconscious. He had to get out of here. The bridge doors began flaring down the center, somebody was trying to get it. The blast doors must have automatically sealed. He quickly scanned the room for a weapon, and pulled the captain’s pistol out of it’s holster and leveled it at the door.The waiting was the worst part. The door burst open, and an elite accompanied by two grunts moved through. He fired two rounds, and ducked behind a console as plasma fire rained down on him. He could feel the heat of the rounds as they passed where he was a moment ago, his skin burning. The console began to melt under the hail of fire, and Jeremy was forced to make a mad dash towards another, firing madly as he ran. His gun clicked empty as he reached cover, but he saw one grunt fall under the hail of bullets. The elite snarled as a round pinged off his shields, and advanced into the room, the grunt hanging back by the door. Two prongs of fiery plasma ignited as the elite activated an energy sword in favour of his plasma rifle, and advanced on Jeremy. There was nowhere to run, nowhere to hide… He dodged away from the console, not a moment to soon, as the elite swung his sword and cut it in half. He seemed to be enjoying this, like a cat toying with a mouse before killing it. Jeremy fell to the ground, desperately backing up, trying to put any ground he could between himself and the elite. The elite stomped down hard on him, and he heard his ribs crack and break. The elite kicked him, sending him crashing into the wall. jeremy watched his death approach, not having the strength to fight back or keep running. The elite raised his energy sword, and… exploded. Jeremy looked around confused. That wasn’t the way this was supposed to go. A new face appeared above him, one that grinned when he saw movement. “Jestin?”

    The figure extended it’s hand “You know it. What, did you really think i’d leave you for the covenant?”

    Jeremy reached up and accepted the help, and with some difficulty and help, managed to get into a standing position. “Thanks. I mean it.” He coughed, noticing a coppery taste in his mouth as he did so. “us. leave. now.”

    Jestin put Jeremy’s arm around his shoulder to help support him, and began guiding him out of the room. “ Couldn’t agree more. Listen, don’t talk, you’ll only hurt yourself. I don’t know if you’ve been paying attention to the radio, but the situation is fucked. 2 Covenant frigates and a destroyer intercepted us, We need to get out of here now. A group of marines are making a push for the hangers, hoping to steal a phantom and get out of here. Of course, we still have to worry about the covenant ships, but one problem at a time right?” Jeremy nodded quietly. He had only been stationed on the UNSC ship “sanctioned fire” for a few months, but he knew the layout.

    They came upon a squad of dead ODST’s a few halls down towards the hanger, and the duo stopped to gear up. Jestin lowered him to the ground carefully, and pulled an intact can of biofoam off of one of the dead ODST’s. He was glad to have a friend like Jestin, he just hoped he could repay the favour when it was his turn to help. The cold snapped him back to reality, and he gasped as the last of the biofoam entered through a gash in his chest. He was light headed, still losing blood, but a bit more stabalized. He grabbed an assault rifle off of the ground, and picked up some grenades and pistol magazines for good measure. Jestin once again helped him as they moved down the hall, assault rifle clutched in one hand. A half dozen grunts rounded the corner on them, startling both parties. The lead grunt instinctively chucked a plasma grenade straight towards them. Jeremy stepped in front of it, bringing his assault rifle up to block the ball. He threw the weapon away from them towards the grunts, and watched as the weapon detonated, taking out most of the grunts. Jestin raised his weapon and finished off the rest. Jeremy took a deep breath and readied his pistol before continuing. They didn’t encounter much more resistance on their way to the hanger, which worried him more than anything. If the covenant were leaving…

    A set of doors opened in front of them, showing the battle for the hanger already well under way. They stopped to one side of the door and Jeremy moved to lean against a wall. “leave me at the door. I’ll at least let you know if more are coming. I’m not mobile enough to join that firefight.”

    A worried look crossed Jestin’s face, only growing deeper as Jeremy coughed up blood, but he nodded in understanding and moved into the room. Jeremy leaned back, listening to assault rifles fire, and distant plasma weaponry discharging. The plasma weapons seemed to intensify for a few moments, and Jeremy began to worry, but Jestin soon rounded the corner wielding a plasma rifle, motioning Jeremy into the room. He staggered in, using crates to help him keep balanced. Bodies of grunts and marines littered the room, with a pair of dead elites on top of a raised platform. The remaining marines, only a handful at this point, were already moving into a phantom nearby. They stumbled up to it, letting the grav lift raise them up into the ship. there were wounded all throughout the ship, and jeremy collapsed with them. Jestin made sure the doors were sealed, and talked with a marine near the front. The ship lurched as they left. This was all that made it? Jeremy watched Jestin stumble and sit with the wounded. He hadn’t noticed, but he was holding his hand over his side where a plasma bolt had struck him a glancing blow, still enough to burn his armour and turn his skin black.

    The pilot of the phantom watched as plasma torpedos impacted their ship, burning it to cinders. The covenant were retreating though, their destroyer and one of the two frigates burning and venting atmosphere. Eight UNSC cruisers were above them, two badly damaged, the original patrol force had been wiped out. He quickly sent out a message telling the fleet not to open fire on them, but a nagging feeling remained in the back of his head. The attack happened too quickly to send out a distress message, what were they doing here?

    Jeremy woke up in a cold sweat. Every night he relived the battles of the past. The year was 2607, Long past the human-covenant war. He was born in 2542, and enlisted at 18 in 2560. He missed the worst of the war, and only fought the so called “storm covenant”. Then, the empire rose to power. He was a unsc loyalist, always had been, and always would be. He fled Earth with others, and joined the brotherhood as they fought to usurp the empire. There had been years of fighting, years of heavy losses on both sides. The worst part was the cryosleep, closing your eyes and just hoping you could one day open them again. Physically, he was only in his 40’s due to cryosleep. The pod door ahead of him opened, and he fell out of the cryotube, coughing up the cryo inhalent. He looked around the room as the rest of the crew woke up. His own pod was the first to open, he looked it over. “Lieutenant Jeremy Treben, Service Number 59482-96242-JT.” To his left, his best friend, sergeant Jestin barrows turned to him, and flashed him a smile before doubling over in a coughing fit. Beyond them, in the crew and command section, he could see Admiral Willows and General Oz waking up.

    Admiral Damian willows. The man was a legend, known for ruthlessness in combat. He had never lost an engagement before. Unfortunately, he was… unstable. Something dark lurked in his eyes, and he was often spotted muttering to himself under his breath. He had an obsession with things non-human, one that almost cost him several decisive battles. Several of his competitors have also “disappeared” under mysterious circumstances. He was already moving towards the locker rooms.

    General Oz was Damians ground counterpart. He was a fantastic general. He was honourable, and took his duties very seriously. He was one of the few people that could challenge the admiral, who put up with it due to the results the general got in battle. The general was known to abuse this privilege quite often.

    As he began looking over his squad, The ship shook around them, and the intercom crackled to life. “Imperial Ships incoming, all hands report to battle stations." Everyone began moving to the locker rooms, now much more alert. They skipped the showers, got dressed, and began armouring up. Jeremy donned his standard marine armour, and grabbed his assault rifle before running to the teleportation bays. If the imperials knew that they were here already, then they wouldn’t have much time left. Their job was to secure the 23 Librae sector, and only one bastion of resistance remained, a planet code named “Radiant”. The empire had been badly defeated in the past war, and the Brotherhood was fighting for every inch of space they could grab. The boarding Craft would be launched to the surface, and they would teleport down to fight the imperials. The ships in orbit would finish the remainder of the fleet here. This planet had been sieged for weeks, so the imperials didn't have a huge presence here.

    His squad passed Another heading to the port boarding craft. Unlike them, they would be reserved for ship based combat. It wasn't unlike the admiral to try and take some spoils of war in the form of enemy ships. He entered the teleportation terminal and signaled his squad to get ready for deployment. They took up position around him and raised their guns, ready for combat. A brilliant white light flashed, and they were gone.
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