The Chaotic Incarnation of God follows the life story of a man named Jeremy Treben as he takes part in an epic tale based off the FC:RP and the events of the FC war that will change the universe as we know it.

Chapter 1: Battle of Radiant

Damian sat back in the command chair. His eyes unfocused as reports zoomed past his screen and he seemed to absorb every word, despite information arriving at a pace that might trouble a dumb AI. He smiled. The enemy consisted of two Remus-Class Assault Frigates, one Romulus-Class Destroyer, one Carus-Class Destroyer, and one Titus-class fleet carrier. That was unexpected, he thought to himself. He supposed that it's repair bays were how they lasted these past few weeks. well, no more now that i'm here. He thought to himself, his smile widening.

His fleet consisted of the mighty Flagship "The Azmodeus". Technically it was a pericles class ship, but it was more comparable to a superheavy cruiser, with 3 super heavy phased MAC cannons, 4 Normal MAC cannons, and a massive 300 archer missile pods. It had every upgrade the Brotherhood would give it, and then some upgrades that he had "acquired" through other channels. Alongside it, he had two Athena Class broadsword carriers, a solon class assault carrier, and nearly ten Aristotle-Class Destroyers at his disposal. Unknown to all except a few, he also had a Proclus-Class Stealth Prowler and two Plato-Class Stealth Corvettes.

He cracked his fingers, waited a moment, and then began shooting off rapid fire orders.

"Send message: Tetra-4 out across fleetcom, encryption code black."

Nobody knew the contents of this message except for one group aboard the corvettes. A group of spartans specifically hand chosen for a mission he had. Technically, Oz led the ground ops, but some things just had to be worked around. Oz knew nothing of this force.

He began typing, speaking out loud over fleetcom on a live channel as he did so.

"Destroyers, spread out into five groups, Our AI Samora will send coordinates. Two a piece. Use emergency thrusters to avoid hits while moving, then Disperse hits along both shields. The azmodeus will move directely in with our carriers and open fire on their fleet carrier. Alpha 1-2 are to focus attention on Frigate Alpha. Destroyer groups Alpha 3-4 focus on Frigate Bravo. Destroyer group 5, keep their destroyers attention away from us. Carriers, release All ships, through up a missile screen to give them cover. Samora will detail firing solutions."

The light around Jeremy’s head faded quickly, and he found himself facing one of the Brotherhoods Boarding craft, which had been dropped to the surface to deploy large amounts of troops quickly. He spun around, putting his back to the craft, and dropped to a crouch in one swift move, raising his rifle. No enemies, yet he could hear the sounds of combat nearby. The facility they were after was on the other side of the boarding craft, Long and wide, but low to the ground, he could barely see it above a small rise. He motioned to his squad as they appeared around him and they moved forwards towards it. To their left was a long row of hills, and to their right, a cliff that dropped off into a lake. Tactically? about the worst position they could be in. Practically? Better here than having landed in the water. They climbed the rise and bullets immediately whizzed past their heads, forcing them back down. one of his marksman fell back to find a better angle, climbing the hills. He signaled to two of his rifleman to lay down suppressing fire. He risked a glance over the side as they did so, and counted approximately two dozen soldier based on muzzle flashes, in cover, across open terrain. Not ideal. They would have to take this slow, Pick them off with long range fire. He turned to fall back, and saw bullets spray the ground around him and his troops, killing two instantly. He rolled to the side and opened fire as the rest of his troops turned to face the new threat. three imperial troops had flanked them, but been discovered before getting close enough to guarantee a kill on all of them. They fell back, firing and hoping to hit anything. A loud roar was heard throughout the battlefield, and HEV pods began falling all around them.

Jeremy halted his squad in confusion as a pod landed on the imperials position, crushing the three marines. Several pods landed in the open field and fire burst out at the imperials. The pod behind them opened, but before he could get a good look, another pod landed on a hill beside them, crashing rocks down and knocking Jeremy unconcious.

Oz watched as the boarding craft fell towards the planet. He had to admit, they were more efficient than the HEV pods of the past. Pelicans descended towards Bravo, delta, and echo sites. The others would be approached by only infantry, as terrain, or the objective in question made vehicle use difficult. All was going well, and despite his hatred of the man, he trusted Damian to get the job done in space. Alpha was making good progress, it seemed the enemy there was unprepared, as was probable after such a long period of inactivity. It was a small outpost, well out of the way from the front lines, and it had never been attacked before during the multi-week seige of the planet. Only at Damian's insistence had it even been considered. Oz was suspicious, but he wouldn't question his decision- yet. They approached on foot, battle command showed engagements around the facility. The closest group were nearly 100 meters to the outer perimeter. That's odd... Oz looked over his readings again, battle control was showing HEV pods being dropped. Imperials? Spartan signatures? He looked up with alarm. Spartans change everything... but why were they only being landed at Alpha? This reminded him of the last battle of viery Plaza... spartans landed, and just as strangely vanished. He had heard reports of other times this happened with the admiral around as well..

"Team Gamma twelve, you have a new objective. You're closest to the facility, i need you to track a group of spartans entering by HEV."

"Spartans sir?" They replied "Bastards are more likely to track US."

"Just do it." He ordered grimly. He looked over the other sites. The three with vehicles were rolling over the weakened defenses. On site commanders could handle them. "Charlie lead, what's your status?" The forces attacking Charlie site hadn't moved in awhile.

"This is Charlie lead" Oz heard, over the sounds of rapid gunfire. Chain hogs. “We blew em to smithereens, but some craft bastards ripped the turrets right off and brought them into the facility. They have powerful shields blocking us out, They're shooting out with the turrets with some spare ammo packs, the shields are lowering just long enough, and in just the right spots to let their bullets through. we're stuck."

Oz marveled at how well prepared they were. He set his eyes on their last boarding craft. Technically reserved for Evacuation of important crew- such as himself. "Launch the last craft" he said as he turned to a nearby officer. "Drop it right on top of charlie's doors. Bring in a power drain, we'll send her down."

Power drains were ancient, but still effective. used back in the human-covenant war, they rapidly drained power from any and all applicable sources, human or covenant. They still kept a few around, acquired through suspicious means, for emergencies. For once, Oz was thankful for Damian's shady past. He watched on Battle Control as the pod smashed through the roof near the entrance, disrupting the shield just by the hit. A small flash appeared, and the area was bathed in a blue light and the shields shut off entirely. The pinned men opened fire., pushing into the structure.

Jeremy awoke to Jestin’s concerned face above him, along with a medic that came from god knows where. “you alright” he was asked?

He coughed out a response, giving himself a splitting headache. “yeah, i’m fine. Who’s dropping HEV’s on our heads? those things hurt.”

Jestin gestured over to the dead imperials. “They got a lot worse than a concussion. Brotherhood spartans, they’ve already pushed ahead. “ Jeremy sat up, and looked towards the facility. He could hear gunshots from up ahead. Looks like i'm missing the fight, he thought to himself as he got up and stumbled forwards. Jestin caught him, and helped him stand, thinking he was going to escort him away, he started to object, but stopped as jestin smirked at him "What, thought i'd take you AWAY from imperials? i'd never hear the end of it." he smiled to himself. Jestin would always be there for him. Jeremy was glad just for a moment, that they could be together before jumping back into the fight.

Jestin’s face grew dark for a moment “Thing is, those spartans came down with M739’s. They were equipped to take out an armour column, not a handful of infantry.”

Jeremy whistled appreciatively at the mention of the weapons, known as “saws” colloquially. They were the equivalent of anti-armour machine guns.

The radio crackled "All units, retreat from attack point alpha, repeat, retreat from-" The line cut dead, and a deafening roar was heard as an explosion ripped through the area. The entire facility ahead of them seemed to collapse in on itself before the radio crackled to life again "- alpha. Damn it, send search and rescue teams down immediately, wh-" and the line went out. Jeremy and Jestin watched together, in stunned silence as dropships were sent down.

"We need to find out what happened.." Jestin mumbled, still in shock. Jeremy could hardly blame him,

They got up and headed to the highest point they could get to, a small hill overlooking their landing site. They saw soldiers heading back through the craft to the ship, and so many wounded... who had won this battle? Jeremy looked to Jestin, and saw the weary look on his friend's face. Not even Jestin was smiling anymore...

"We should head back" Jeremy said, out in no direction in particular.

"Yeah" Agreed Jestin, nodding absently.

After a few moments had passed Jeremy looked back at him, "Jestin, we need to go." He pulled his friend to his feet, and they headed back to the boarding craft. Their IFF tags registered and he hit the button to return to the azmodeus. He looked back towards the facility, and saw a towering inferno of flame where there was once his mission objective. Dropships heading to the least damaged areas. Imperial soldiers ran screaming from the building, completely ignited. There were no signs of brotherhood forces.

"Sir" he heard over his com unit. Oz turned back to Alpha site.

"Yes?" He asked.

"This is Gamma team, we've infiltrated alpha site, Lot's of dead imps. Saws by the look of it. We've tracked the spartans, they seem to have teleported some strange object, and now they're planting a device of some kind deep inside. We were approached fairly quickly, they are not hostile."

A second link beeped online on his com unit. Command line. "Oz, i have an important message..." Damian's face winked into view on a nearby holo-unit. He turned to face him, waiting patiently. He disliked Damian's disregard for his time nearly as much as he hated his dismissal of deaths. Damian seemed to move closer. "alpha go boom." And he cut out.

Oz shot forwards angrily, he knew Damian too well to think he was joking, or to think that he could demand an explanation. "Emergency coms link to all of Alpha force. NOW."

"All units, retreat from attack point alpha, repeat, retreat from Attack point alpha." He watched as battle command flickered offline for a moment, replacing it's view with fire. "Damn it, send search and rescue teams down immediately, who's left? all units respond and begin retreating to The Azmodeus."

A nearby officer nearly tripped out of her seat and rushed to the hanger, ordering pelicans to launch on her comset as she ran.

So this was Damian's reason for being here hm? Of course it would be too simple for him to want to win the war or anything, he had to have some ulterior motive. He ran through the reports. Alpha was gone. Bravo and delta were won, echo was being won, though it wasn't secured yet, and charlie was now thoroughly swinging in their favour. Even with the win, they had to send overwhelming force. if only the other battlegroups had beaten through.

He sighed, and stood up. He turned to the nearest officer "I need to find the admiral. Notify me immediately of any changes and i will respond on my tacpad." He turned to leave. There would be no consequences for him for leaving this battle. None except those of his own mind that is. Even if damian did it as a reward for his successes, he didn't like it. Though, he wished they were on the frontlines again. Against mere garrison troops like these, he barely did anything worth notice. He checked that line of thinking, Damian seemed to be rubbing off on him. He shivered at the thought.

He checked over his reports, looking for one in particular. There it was, and there it went. Samora tracked his eyes as he read over the report detailing that his spartans had begun landing at Alpha site and erased it as he read it. The main attack there was nothing more than a diversion. When the imperials had taken the planet, they had also taken a certain artifact from a laboratory under his possession. This artifact, of forerunner origins, was so important to his plans, he had given a specialized teleportation pad to his spartans, still a prototype. He had also given them a device, one which he said would purge the security logs once brought to the mainframe, erasing the spartans from being there. He smirked. Yes, they would be erased.

He watched from a viewscreen as the titus's shields flickered ahead of him. It turned towards him and accelerated, clearly looking to ram him. Garrison troops, what could you do. He tapped a button to his side, and the titus's engines and shields dropped, and it lost all weapon power. Damian wasn't one to waste assets.

"I've disabled the carrier, all troops, focus on their frigates and destroyers." Luckily both his corvettes and his prowler were free... Along with The Azmodeus with AI support. The imperials Electronic Warfare Systems were sorely lacking.

He sat back and watched as a heavy Mac round slammed into a nearby destroyer, depleting it's shields. A screen of centurion missiles approached, but was decimated by the combined point defense of the two destroyers. The stronger destroyer moved in front of the weaker as the weaker fired it's weapons one last time.

Amused, he suddenely remembered one important detail he may have forgotten. "Samora, open a coms link to Oz will you?"

"Yes sir." Samora replied, and Oz appeared quickly.

Damian sat up straight. "Oz, i have an important message..." He paused a moment. "alpha go boom." He cut off the comslink and laughed. Ah, how he loved to fuck with Oz. Ground troops were never Damians thing, in fact, he despised the type of combat. Much to General Oz's horror, he frequently wasted ground assets as if it were a game he were content to lose. Alpha would explode, taking the spartans with it and 'erasing' all trace of them. Too bad for the others, but they were expendable. Well, he got up, stretching, time to retire to his room, where his artifact awaited.

A naval officer looked up, confused "Sir? The battle?"

Damian looked around bored. "Battle? What battle. Send a boarding craft or two of ODST's to take that Titus and continue shooting the bad guys." He said sarcastically. "This is no battle, i'm retiring. Call me if there's a change in the situation."

"Sir, yes sir." The naval officer replied. They would handle it from here. He had no interest in fighting garrison troops. They were not any challenge, and there would never be consequences for leaving the bridge during this fight. Not for him. Soon enough though, he'd be on the front lines again.