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    Re: Joel "MedeDust" Ramirez (02/17/94 - 10/19/15)

    It's been a minute since I posted here.

    I was never super close with Mede. We were friends, but for the most part we served in opposing armies during the initial half of my career. He was a good guy, a true community vet; you knew he cared about what we were all a part of. My only regret is that we didn't play more games together. His friendship is a testament to the brotherhood myself and many others forged here over the years, and I hope his memory fosters more of the same personal and social growth in all of you that I personally attribute to this place.

    ...Rest in peace, Joel.


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    Re: Joel "MedeDust" Ramirez (02/17/94 - 10/19/15)

    I consider him one of the greats. He was dedicated. I respected everything he did. He was so passionate about anything he did here. Thanks Joel. Damn, we will miss you.

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    Re: Joel "MedeDust" Ramirez (02/17/94 - 10/19/15)

    Only got to play with him outside FC on a couple of occasions, and it was a lot of fun. He did a lot a graphical work for me and it was a blessing to be part of this community with a guy like him. RIP Mede

    Ps: i know he will never see it, but i think he deserves his very own user group

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    Re: Joel "MedeDust" Ramirez (02/17/94 - 10/19/15)

    Joel and I had an extremely similar journey through our time at RVBR, and Forerunner Conflict. We joined around the same time, loved Assassin's Creed, enjoyed creating graphics for the Armies' lore, held various leadership positions, participated in many battles, and eventually we and some others became the first Precursors.

    Where we differed, is that he was better than I at all of that. He was way, way more motivated and passionate than I could ever be. He never stopped making graphics because it took too much time, never shy'd away from being active in this community. Where I became lazy, unmotivated and stressed at keeping up with doing graphics for this community, he only pushed harder and created more than I could imagine possible. Where I began to lose touch with the current events and politics of this place, he stayed ever-vigil and kept his eye on many topics and important decisions, always giving a sound opinion.

    All this to say, I respect the hell out of him and his work ethic, leadership skills and professionalism. Beyond that, he was an incredibly kind person and was probably the picture-perfect member of this community.

    He will be sorely missed.

    We should all challenge ourselves to be as important to this community as he was. If you think you can help improve this group, offer your talents. Take some time out of your day to make something better, more effective, and stronger. He put so much work and heart into this place, it's time we matched his level of compassion. And not just in Forerunner Conflict, but in your day to day lives as well.

    Lastly, consider how abrupt this was. Shit like this can happen to anyone. Take some time today and tell your loved ones how much you mean to them, and go out of your way to make someone's day if possible. Let's pay it forward.

    I'd like to leave this post with a quote from one of Joel's favorite characters. This series meant a lot to the both of us.

    Requiescat in Pace


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    Re: Joel "MedeDust" Ramirez (02/17/94 - 10/19/15)

    I never really knew mede, we weren't that close, but an early death sucks no matter what.
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    Re: Joel "MedeDust" Ramirez (02/17/94 - 10/19/15)

    Oh man, I knew Joel but not nearly in the same way so many of you did. I knew Doug had been going through this process of terrible life events, but I'm so off in my own world I didn't know about Mede.

    My thoughts for anyone who was close with him, and just for all of us as a community. We're all so young, and so close in so many varying ways.

    I think John Green may have said it best with regard to young lives being taken.

    "A short life, can be a good life too."

    Thanks Joel for being a friend to people I care about, and being so strong through a fight you shouldn't have ever had to have fought.


    P.S. The donation link appears to be broke.
    P.S.S. Thanks Cody and everyone else for getting this together so quickly.

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    Re: Joel "MedeDust" Ramirez (02/17/94 - 10/19/15)

    Quote Originally Posted by MicroJupiter View Post
    P.S. The donation link appears to be broke.
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    Re: Joel "MedeDust" Ramirez (02/17/94 - 10/19/15)

    oh wow... That's... Really tragic. Death is never easy, my condolences to friends and family...

    Rest in Peace

    His spirit remains with the site and all the graphics he has done for it
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    Re: Joel "MedeDust" Ramirez (02/17/94 - 10/19/15)

    Guess heaven needed some REAL artistic work done. I know he won't disappoint.

    Didn't know him well, but I somehow remember very, very vaguely interacting with him. I remember it being a good interaction, and I wish I could've had more like it.

    RIP, Mede
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    Re: Joel "MedeDust" Ramirez (02/17/94 - 10/19/15)

    "Spartans Never Die"

    This for you Mede and for everyone that have fought by your side. You may have lost the battle my friend but your journey still continues beyond death. You are a spartan at it's core, a true fighter. You have friends, brothers and sisters...a family here and there. You've done things others wish they could have done. You have motivated, helped, assisted, and dedicated your time to the community and your family. It's sad to see another spartan fall but you will never be forgotten by us, your family. This community will always be your home...Until next time my friend, our brother, we will continue the fight. Rest In Peace Mede.

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