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Thread: FC Update 9.9

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    FC Update 9.9

    Update 9.9

    Something new before something else that's new

    New Website Theme

    We've hinted at it and we've shown a little bit of work, but it's finally ready to be unleashed to the masses. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you our latest theme. Paragon

    Myth has been hard at work getting this thing all set and after many hours, he's done. After a little graphics work in the form of the banner from Kazuhlll, we're ready to go live.

    Those of you who use the forum default setting, you are already looking at the new theme. However, if you are not, then all you need to do is go down to the bottom of the forum to the 'Quick Style Chooser' and select Paragon Green or Paragon Green (Fluid).

    Now you may be thinking 'Green? What about other colors?' Don't you worry Johnny, we are going to be deploying a red and blue variant of the theme in the near future (in fact, they are almost done).

    EDIT: Paragon Red and Blue versions are now live!!

    As always, if you find something broken, report it in the Bug Report thread. Do note, the wartime links in the footer of the website are inactive and redirect to the homepage. This is by design and will be updated once those assets are in place.

    As another note, all other skins are now unsupported. These will now start to break down as we add things to the website and modify it. If they get too broken we will remove them from the forums.

    Spoilers ahoy!

    Just one final reminder on this. Here's Myth from FC Update 9.8.

    Another Reminder about Spoilers

    Not everyone is going to be like me and starting a Legendary playthrough of the story right at midnight, so we need to be considerate of everyone else. As KazuhLLL posted a few weeks ago, please be mindful of this and include story spoilers within spoiler tags when posting them on the forum. You can view the original post here.

    Failure to do so may result in your post or thread being removed and a warning. Repeatedly doing this may warrant an infraction for your account. For those unaware of how to use spoilers, you just need the below bbcode:
    Your message here.

    Your message here.
    Or, you can add a title for the spoiler like this:
    [SPOILER=Spoiler Title]
    Your message here.

    Your message here.
    If you have any questions about using spoiler tags, just message me or any of the other moderators on the site.
    In an attempt to keep things contained, I have created a thread for Halo 5 story discussion located here:

    Please use that thread to keep things all nice and together.

    Tapatalk Heads Up

    I felt this deserved a separation from the spoilers despite the fact it's spoiler related.

    Users of Tapatalk for, please be warned that sometimes the app (depending on version and platform) will not have proper spoiler tags. If you are browsing through the recent posts portion, please use caution in case a spoiler leaks through.

    At the time of posting, we're just over two hours until Halo 5 is released to the public. Some of us will be right there to play, some us will not since we need sleep and have obligations in the morning (like myself), and some just aren't jumping on yet. No matter the case, we're all excited here in FC for what Halo 5 brings.

    There will be a more war related update in the future as the Beta War draws closer. For now, enjoy the game.

    Soon the game will be a warzone.

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    Re: FC Update 9.9

    Fluid should be the default in today's modern world where monitors aren't squares with the resolution of a potato IMO.

    Love the banner.

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    Re: FC Update 9.9

    Loving this Metkil and Myth.

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    Re: FC Update 9.9

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It didn't update the first time i looked at the website, but now that i see it its glorious................

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    Re: FC Update 9.9

    I freely invite any of you, particularity Metkil and/or Myth to stroke my CSS boner right now.

    \[T]/ PRAISE THE SUN \[T]/

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    Re: FC Update 9.9

    New skins are always good news, looks good guys!
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    Re: FC Update 9.9

    Ooooh. Fancy.
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    Re: FC Update 9.9


    REDD or BLUE Resistance comes through!
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    Re: FC Update 9.9

    Looks slick, my favourite colour too :3

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    Re: FC Update 9.9

    gg Myth
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