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    Looking to get caught up

    Hey guys, I haven't really participated in anything on here since Halo 4, what do I need to catch up on, and what should I do first?
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    Re: Looking to get caught up

    The first thing is to let everyone know that you're looking to come back which you did! From here, I imagine the Field Marshal (Metkil) would establish contact and decide whether or not you need to go through another Boot Camp.

    Welcome back!
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    Re: Looking to get caught up

    Thank you very much! I remember having a lot of fun with this community and I am happy to return
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    Re: Looking to get caught up

    To maybe catch Metkil's attention if you haven't already, I would recommend you resubmit an application to your army's enlistment office just in case.
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    Re: Looking to get caught up

    That or you can just PM me on the forums or on Skype (username is metkil). I can catch ya up to speed.
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