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    Saturday Night Games #8 (Knight Squad)

    Saturday Night Games are back to putting non-halo games in the mix! People of FC, sharpen your swords, throw on those 44 pound chain mail suits, and polish those solid steel helmets until they blind you, because this weekend, we're going medieval with Knight Squad! To take it straight from the words of the Xbox Store,

    Knight Squad is an insane 1 to 8 players chaotic arena friendship destroyer. Take on current friends and future frenemies in any of the incredibly fun game modes, ranging from Last Man Standing to Medieval soccer. All of that using only weapons from the middle age… and laser guns… and miniguns.
    Sounds great, right!

    Knight Squad is free for anyone with Xbox Live Gold until the middle of December, and weighing in at a whopping 573 MB of a download, you could practically install it while we're setting up!

    Same time as always - Saturday, 21st November, 6 PM American Eastern. Be there!

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    Re: Saturday Night Games #8 (Knight Squad)


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    Re: Saturday Night Games #8 (Knight Squad)

    Gimme more details Nova
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    Re: Saturday Night Games #8 (Knight Squad)

    I'm trying to play this
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    Re: Saturday Night Games #8 (Knight Squad)

    The game is rather entertaining, worth a play with some friends.
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    Re: Saturday Night Games #8 (Knight Squad)

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    I'm trying to play this
    Got the game last nite, will probably play it to see how it is

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    Re: Saturday Night Games #8 (Knight Squad)

    lol this seems interesting
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