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    Happy Birthdays!

    Happy Birthday to takgm025, unbrokensoul, davdbvp, mmhanlove, hieu.hap, superole99x9x9, dacshodsdsdsd34, hongha699, raovatplg05, trung5tin7, automartvn_23, taobao296, sothichvn34, anhson1707, spiter1889, sdrsgfasuuu2002, sdgndasejhn2013, dfyuhssseyjj2013, sdtdfgfsdsstrey2013, boiloplary2013, dsfhsdfnansasdjasd2013, nhohoa1, microlifevn1, sitevetinha, kukiyt, beptunhat, khonoithat6, chuyenchuyen428, khanhgau22, thancuchuoi7741, webvioseo1, yaidan622, oivai90, khangau1992, vlhai553, dcmmdcmm, webvipseo92, soryao206, chngchangway (asian), anhemsnx, dodoi_ngocanh, kevin.fxttv, traigathuha, huyenkoi45, seotcc 114, xemnas

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    Re: Happy Birthdays!


    I regret not thinking of this username
    "Different name, same fate."
    Quote Originally Posted by WM Feedback View Post
    I (Feedback) tried to flank them Barry Soap style, but it didn't really work out and I just ended up hiding a lot
    Quote Originally Posted by Platinum View Post
    Damn you barry, being seductive to all those recruits by painting vivid, purdy imagery with your words.

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    Re: Happy Birthdays!

    lolwtf. some of those usernames remind me of last names for asian people

    fuckin' bots

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    Re: Happy Birthdays!

    Quote Originally Posted by Harry View Post
    asian people

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