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    Spacex Falcon 9 lands stage 1 boosters

    spacex has successfully landed stage 1 boosters from one of their rockets, which will lead to significantly cheaper space missions and lead to fully reusable rockets in the not so distant future. the price of launching a full rocket has gone from hundreds of millions for the cost of building a new rocket, to just tens of millions for refurbishing one. This is so important and i don't even know what to say right now, so i'll let you guys watch this instead.

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    Re: Spacex Falcon 9 lands stage 1 boosters

    We shall become a space-faring race soon...soon.
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    Re: Spacex Falcon 9 lands stage 1 boosters

    We did it! Next stop..Mars! SpaceX for the win!
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    Re: Spacex Falcon 9 lands stage 1 boosters

    we did it
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