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    Remember, Remember...

    ...REDWATCH FireTeam November.

    Minutes passed like hours; hours like days. In a cold dark corner of the concrete walled cell, he thought of days that had long passed away in the pages of history. The slow sharp sound of water hitting the rough floor echoed as it dripped from the ceiling. Muffled voices could be heard from a distance away down the dark corridor, subtle, but their presence known. How long had he been there? Why was he being kept alive? Who is behind all these concrete walls? The questions remained unanswered, and he wondered if he would ever know the truths hiding beyond the walls.

    Reaching towards a small pebble lying on the floor he was reminded of the wound he'd received from the desert encounter. Sharp radiating pain resonated from his shoulder and collar bone, as the bandages seeped a little more. Using his other arm, he reached across and felt the fabric of the bandage, blood glistening off his fingers. On the floor, he stroked a message should he not make it. Perhaps another would see and know who it was being held in this concrete jail... CPT E1 RW N.

    Footsteps marched from the hallway to the cell door, a light illuminating the broken soldier.

    "It's time Captain." an eerie voice echoed. "Time to end this conflict once and for all."

    Eagle out.
    "Feelings pass right through you, don't they? So cold and unforgiving in
    every choice you made in battle. Purest soldier... I need you to be strong.
    Strong enough to do what you've never done in your life. Can you be
    strong enough to allow yourself to be... Can you just be human?"


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    Re: Remember, Remember...

    REDWATCH November on the return? Could this be?
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    Re: Remember, Remember...

    OH MY!
    "I bought a xbox one to watch my team suck in HD"

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    Re: Remember, Remember...

    Nice writing, Captain.
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