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    Chapter 1

    "Prisoner 23-67-99 please approach the gate." ordered a prison guard. The prisoner, chained like an animal, approached the gate while the guards stared at him with great caution. "Congrats Prisoner 23-67-99, you will be moved to cell 3675-C level. Only two more levels and you'll be released." The warden, standing behind the gate, ordered the guards to open the doors. The prisoner stepped through the door as two guards guided him down the hall to the elevator. As the prisoner walked past the warden, he gave a awful glare bestowing fear in the warden then eyes forward.

    Finally, the prisoner and the guards entered the elevator with no problems. One of the guards reached to the elevator control panel, entered a five digit number then pressed "C" for Level C out of the 10 levels in the prison. The entire elevator was quiet all the way to Level C where more guards stood at attention.

    "Welcome Prisoner 23-67-99 to level C. On this level you'll have more clearance than the other prisoners below this level. You'll have more free time, breakfast, lunch and dinner time, and 25 minute visits. Do you understand?" A tall skinny man dressed in a IONI uniform signifying he's an IONI agent. She looked the prisoner in the eyes as he did the same. Was a like a cowboy standoff but she have a weapon and he doesn't. He broke the silence, "Understood Lieutenant Welber". The prisoner smiled at the man while the guards took him away. The prisoner eyes were light purple and a two scars across his right cheek. A brown skin color with black and gray tribal tattoos running around his arms. He wasn't built as a Spartan should be but more of an ODST. Although, he was a Spartan IV for the Empire and an executive officer for Organization XIII. He is known for he's harsh actions and primal nature.

    The guards finally guided the prisoner to his room and pushed him in and locked the door under a 7-digit access code. "This place will be your home traitor." The guard said as he and the other went back to patrol the level. Watching as his doors mirrors shift from two to one way, he fell back into his metallic silver chair and sat in it like a king. He gave a harsh grin and stared at the mirror resting his head on his fist. "Here's lie a extinct animal waiting to be reborn again. My claws ready to strike and instincts ready for survival and a hunt. This my life, the life my father...the damned Major General bestowed upon me. Ha! This is the life of the Raptor." He laughed.

    You can forgive a murderer, but you can not forgive a traitor.

    2 years later

    Maed has finally moved his way up to level A after 1.5 years in level C and 6 months in level B. He now have his own tablet with limited access that is carefully monitored by IONI staff, a nice refresh bed with a more stylish toilet, and well fortified room with a two-way mirror only option.

    Maed laid relax in his soft comfy bed until he heard a notification sound popped up on his screen. He got out of his bed and picked up the tablet to see a message titled, "B.A.C.K.D.O.O.R". He made his way back to his bed and opened the message. The message have no author or an IP address from where the message was sent from. The message stated, "Stay away from anything electronic. You will have 30 minutes to escape this hell only if you do as I say. Now, you will go down the hallway and turn left to the staff room. You'll find a hazard mask and a IONI issued silenced magnum with 2 full clips. After, head back into the hallway and run straight down the hall to the nearest corridor. There I'll access the door to the vehicle bay. I want you to take the pelican in bay 06 and there you'll find me. -End of Message. Message will be deleted in 1 minute."

    "Hmph. Won't this be interesting," said Maed relaxing in his bed. Five minutes later, the light in Maed room went dark as so his equipment. The corridor opened and the power in the hall was out. Suprisingly there was no guard in the area, so Maed followed the mysterious stranger instructions. He made his way into the staff room with no problem and got the gear. He put on the mask, the silenced magnum and found an IONI uniform in one of the lockers. To continue, he leaned in the hallways to find lights beaming off the walls. He could tell there were four guards near his room with the enhanced mask. "Oh, this mask have a night vision option. This is some neat tech here."

    He entered the hallway and aimed down the sights to fire at one of the guards. The other guards were alerts and Maed took down two more and tackled the last one to the ground. He delivered several punched into the guard head and grabbed in like a mad man with both hands. He head butted the man five times, blood oozing from his head and the guard head. Maed stood up and unleashed 6 bullets into the guard head. He softly laughed and raced to the vehicle bay to find his pelican. When he entered it, he didn't find the person he was meant to meet. He guessed the person didn't make it, taken off in a different pelican, or was never in the facility in the first place.

    Initially, Maed jumped into the pilot seat and activated the Pelican fuel drive. He grabbed the throttle and released a latch and the pelican hovered in the air. He saw guards rushing out of different doors and opened fired on the pelican. "Sorry boys! This is my only ticket out of this hell." He stared at the men and hovered the pelican in the direction of the exit. He pushed the throttle forward and the pelican flew in top speed. The power was restored in the prison and the doors outside the facility were beginning to close. As his pelican got closer, the door was closing faster and faster. Maed flicked a switch on the throttle and pressed a red button with his thumb. Six volley rockets released from the pelican to the corridor. The corridor was blown wide open and Maed escaped. The corridor behind him collapsed and killed a few guards and engineers. An alert signal was sent out to distinct facilities about an escaped prisoner on the loose. Distance facilities unleashed a dozen of Sabres from their bay and made it to Maed pelican location.

    "Pelican 789, you are ordered to land immediately. If you resist, you will be shot down!" announced one of the 12 Sabres in flight to the pelican. Maed simply ignored and kept moving. The Sabres took action and fired upon the pelican. The pelican took some damage but is still in good condition to fly. Maed began manuvering past the Sabres billets and raced down the Icey fields surrounded by mountains. He tried to maneuver around the mountains to lose them but he failed. The Sabres got closer and closer and aimed toward his thrusters. Before the Sabres could fire, eight unknown Sabres attacked from above and took down 7 Sabres. Maed received a call inside the pelican, "Make you way into orbit and there you'll find me." The caller voice sounded modified like a robot and ended. Maed made his way into orbit as 5 pursuing Sabres followed him. The eight Sabres engaged the Sabres and 3 was taken down as the other 2 fled back to base. One of the eight Sabres approached Maed cockpit and established comms with the pelican. "Mr. Maed, I want you to follow me. I'll show you the way to our vessel." "Understood pilot" responded Maed as he followed the pilot. After 10 minutes, Maed laid his eyes upon a Imperial grade Battle-Cruiser and followed the Sabres into the landing bay. Once he landed his pelican, he emerged from the pelican hangar encountered by a female and 6 Spartans colored in black. The woman approached Maed and said, "Welcome Maed to the Emperor's Shield . You've been specially summoned by our Captain who received orders from the Emperor to retrieve you. I hope you enjoy your stay and your trip back home. There the Emperor will be awaiting to see you." The woman turned and traveled with the 6 Spartans out of the hangar. Maed darted his eyes toward the ceiling and laughed for a few minutes. He couldn't believe he was summoned by the Emperor himself. All of this sounded like a joke, a game to him but he wanted to see and find out for himself. "Oh what a lovely day!"
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    Re: Chapter 1

    Good read Raptor, keep up the good work.

    Eagle out.
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