"My name is Xil. I am the god the darkness as the locals call me. Some worship me and others despise me. Why do they despise me? I haven't did anything for these people to worship or hate me. I've merely only worked on my research and creations with black magic. Apparently, I am the one who brought this "new" type of magic in the world of Niota. I started when I was a student of the Utoia studying general magic and how it works. I believed they called people like me engineers. I took acceptation to it. When I first enrolled, I was sixteen years old and now I'm nineteen for my third year in the Academy. Professors worshipped me, adored me and boasted about me to their peers. I didn't enjoy it...I hated it. As I continued throughout my academic year, I stumbled upon a chapter discussing about the ways of light. I read through this chapter fascinated by the works of light magic, but I didn't see any negative effects light magic can do to its user. Then I began to question the logic of light. 'When there is light, there is also darkness.' quoted from Professor Igor in one of my class lectures. After the class, I've opened a few books and read line after line, chapter after chapter, and book after book to find no information about dark magic.

I wanted to understand why there is no information about dark magic. Was it ever created? If so by whom? These questions scrambling through my brain interested me and I needed to find out the truth. I ventured to one of my top performing professors and spoke to him about light magic and how it does not have a counter-part. I informed him about my studies trying to learn about dark magic. Once I did, he snatched me and yelled at me saying, 'Do not do any more investigations in dark magic! This is a warning boy..'. He dropped me to the marble floor and escaped the room. He seemed to show a sign of fear and anger when he spoke to me like that. It's like he forgot who I was to him. I couldn't blame him, but I am not going to stop investigating. So I set my way back to my room, jumped straight onto my chair and started writing everything I researched from my sources. Three months later, I finally finished my investigation and study of black magic. To learn that no one ever wrote about dark magic because it never existed in the first place. Here I am, the creator of new type magic. This will make it into the books for sure. To test my theory of dark magic, I enlisted in my school annual magic competition. The moment the games started and I stepped onto the sandy field, everyone was shocked to see the most intelligent student competing in the magic games. I was standing inside a coliseum filled with my peers and professors, even the grand elders showed as well. This will be a great moment for me...but I was dreadfully wrong. I nearly killed a student with my new magic and the officials stepped into the arena. They picked up the student and immediately dashed out the coliseum. The elders and the professors disqualified me and banned me from the academy. I was now on the lonely streets of Utoia, staring into my shameful hands. I rounded my fists and buried my face into them. I balled my eye's out for hours. Realizing the mistake I bestowed upon myself. The locals looked upon me as a mere mistake and a common disaster to Utoia. I wouldn't blame the king if he exiled me from his country, so I took the initiative and left. The magic I created will become my curse but it will enlighten me to expand this knowledge to others. Even if this power makes me into a enemy of Utoia. As the years went by, my skin turned from pale white to brown. My ears extended like an elf, and I grew four inches. I am now 5' 7".

In the year 353 AD, I decided to write ten books about my life and struggle in the world of Niota. The pain, the jealousy, greed, hate, pride, and love I have felt in this world. I used my own blood to write these books and cursed anyone who would read from them. They will be consumed and controlled by my darkness. I will understand why these people of Niota worship and despise me. My name is Xil, and I am the god of darkness, the black mage."

"Xil, the god of Darkness, is a most formidable opponent and should not be taken lightly. The title of a god suits him well for he is immortal and cannot be killed so easily. Not even I, the second strongest warrior in Niota, couldn't defeat him. He cursed me with his powers. He wanted me to feel his pain, and I simply endured every last minute. I was known by the Council of Utoia, the Unknown. A being who follows the art of Xil and assumed to use his art for great evil. For that I was kicked out of the council and stayed my whole life in the kingdom of Zanzibar where my most dear friend was the Queen of this kingdom. Five months later, the Queen and I was married, and she gave birth to four children. My eldest son Michael, second son was Jen, third daughter Ullia and my youngest Zamora. We were known as the Rose family across the kingdom of Zanzibar. To my children, I taught the ways of magic that they can teach their underlings to defeat Xil and rid him of this world. " ~ Mason Rose