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    Post Non-Story Element | Introduction to Lee's Cluttered Desk

    So, for my upcoming set of projects, I've decided to organize and make them available here. Yes, this includes any of my installments/contributions to the Renegade Saga, my own side project "Ilan" for the larger Unbroken Universe, and other short quips that I decide to store here.

    My submissions may tackle heavy or controversial social/personal subjects, use offensive language, kidnap children, kill puppies, etc.

    Officially I have been absolved of any triggering you may encounter when you read my short stories.
    However, I am obliged to tell you now that you may experience:

    Aliens, homosexual innuendos, extreme violence, jokes robots make about sentient life, drugs/alcohol abuse, reverse feminism, racism, child abuse, pimping, and even jabs at anime. Yes, this is all in a fantasy setting. No, it will not be just gore and torture porn. No, I do not condone such acts.
    This being said -- Any submissions I make to the lore of FC will be as tame as war can manage. The above-mentioned themes may still appear, however less as serious plot elements and more to provide a serious backdrop for an equally serious story.

    That's it. Hope to submit some stuff soon.

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    Re: Non-Story Element | Introduction to Lee's Cluttered Desk

    You are not a godless fucking moron
    You are still a moron but not a godless fucking one
    - Silko, 2016

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