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    Re: Halo 5 weapon rankings

    Quote Originally Posted by VerbotenDonkey View Post
    You can ask Wes, everytime we play AntiFreeze in Arena I top our scoreboard with only the Splinter Turret. It's so under-rated.
    That, and also the fact he won't shut up about it, are both true.

    Hydra for me was one of the more difficult commedations to try and master :P I havn't used all the rarer weapons, but I agree with most of the rest of the list. Gungeese have the ability to merc on oni hogs if your rider has an answer on the back.
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    Re: Halo 5 weapon rankings

    Hydras are a weird weapon, but once you figure them out, they are quite awesome. They key thing to remember with them, never fire them without a lock. They are practically useless. That is the most common thing I see when people have issues with them. They try to use it like a grenade launcher or rocket launcher. The other thing to remember is that the Hydra holds it's lock for a long time. One cheeky thing you can do is lock onto someone, after the lock aim straight up into a clearing (like the sky) and watch those rockets bend around the chest high cover they ducked behind.

    Hydras are also only effective in an ambush type situation. If you are actively engaging someone, the Hydra becomes a wet noodle. All this being said, the B rating is very fair and I won't argue against that.
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