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    FC Forge Megathread

    FC Forge Megathread

    Anything and everything to do with Halo 5 forging in and outside of FC


    So, you've just discovered the wondrous world of Halo 5 Forge. You want to make awesome maps, you want help testing them, and you want to share them far and wide. Welcome to the right place to do all that! Here in our luxury department we have everything you would ever need for Forge, from willing testers, to extensive help and advice from our many certified experts. This all sounds great, right?

    Joining the Forge Department is easy! Just message anyone already in the department to get access to the Skype group and we can take you from there. Anyone is able to join regardless of Forging skill. As long as you're willing to help out, you're welcome to join us. The following people are current active members (Myth first, because Myth, then alphabetically):

    Even if you don't want to join the Forge Department, but you still have an awesome idea for a map or anything of the sorts, send a message to any one of us. We really appreciate any contribution or feedback to help make things even better.

    But that's not all the Forge Department does. We also test every map 343 shoots at us and edit them to bring them up to our prestigious FC map standards, and according to your feedback come Battle Night and other events.

    And by 'we do it' I mean 'Myth does'. Seriously, it'll just be like:
    Forge Dept: Hey 343 just released some new maps. Want to come test them and see if they're any good?
    Myth: No need. I already looked at them and fixed all the problems yesterday. It's all fine now.
    Forge Dept: But the maps only came out this morning...?
    Myth: Yes. Yes they did.

    (^ 100% totally legit conversation)

    Now, back to the rest of this thread.

    Known Forge Bugs and Fixes
    Bug: Some combinations of spawn points on a map will cause the forge monitor to spawn under the map, unable to do anything.
    Severity: Forge-Breaking (Preventable/Fixable)
    Details: Whenever there is one or more initial spawns present on the map, but no respawn points, loading the map up in forge will spawn you under the map where you cannot move or open any of the forge menus. The map will be fine if you have no spawns at all. The only issue is with 1+ initial spawns and 0 respawn points.
    Pre-Bug Prevention: Whenever saving the map, be sure to always have a neutral respawn point somewhere even if your map doesn't need any for what you're doing.
    Post-Bug Fix: If this bug has happened to one of your maps, it is actually really simple to fix. All you need to do is load up the map and once you're in and stuck in the map again, get one of your friends to join the game. They should spawn in normally on top of the map. Now all they have to do is place a respawn point down and you'll be free.

    Credit to KazuhLLL for figuring out basically everything to do with this bug!
    Bug: Despawned objects act weird in transitions such as saving or starting a new round.
    Severity: Destructive (Preventable)
    Details: Saving a map in Forge or transitioning to a new round in custom games will cause the despawned objects to be permanently deleted from the map save if you were in Forge or for the rest of the match if you were playing a custom game with it.
    Pre-Bug Prevention: Never save your map when there are despawned objects. Also, a good tip is to have a contingency switch that, when activated, respawns every despawned object on the map through a 'message: send' script. That way, if an object is despawned while you're forging, you can bring it back to save the map. You'll just have to work around the 'new round' part of this bug. Sorry.
    Post-Bug Fix: Once it's happened, it's gone. Unless you had a backup of the map, you're out of luck. Be careful.
    Bug: Even though Spartans can safely stand in a room with an 8' high roof, spawn points in that room won't work.
    Severity: Annoying
    Details: Basically that's it. Spawn points will only work if the object above it is at least 10' above it.
    Pre-Bug Prevention: Try to have ceilings at least 10' high and don't have spawns under low objects.
    Post-Bug Fix: N/A
    Bug: A Spartan will never spawn at a point an enemy can see.
    Severity: Not necessarily a bug, but worth sharing.
    Details: That also means that if the only places a player can spawn are all visible, that player will stay dead until an unobserved point can be found. Very annoying for minigame maps. (E.g. The classic way a Grifball arena is set up no longer works - players get stuck dead until the entire enemy team turns around..)
    Pre-Bug Prevention: There's a game mode option in custom games to disble visibility check. However, in most official game types, this option will stay enabled, so make sure you have either enough spawn points or a safe unobservable location for people to come back to life consistently or you're going to have some unhappy campers.
    Post-Bug Fix: N/A

    FAQ & Tips

    For anyone new to Forge and wanting to learn the basics, Ready Up Live has a pretty good beginner video to start you off, brought to you by Ducain23 (the guy who made Entombed from the latest H5 update):

    For some more inspiration for your creations, there's an entire Youtube channel dedicated to just that. You can find Forge Labs here. I've embedded one of their videos below for a little taste of the channel:

    Here are some cool Forge tutorials to help you make some nice things for your maps:


    This space will be used to detail any changes to the department or Forge in general as time goes on.

    This thread will (hopefully) be updated often as things change and we get more time with Forge. If you've got any additions for the thread (such as a bug or tips or anything, really) please, don't hesitate to share it.

    Have fun forging!
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