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Thread: Battle Night

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    Re: Battle Night

    I know I personally would make even less battle nights if on a Saturday. Saturday nights is for social events and going out with friends for me. Sunday is the relax day before the work week.
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    Re: Battle Night

    I myself would prefer the BN stay on the weekend. Wouldn't mind it starting earlier perhaps and ending before dinner, do one map one weekend day and one on another.

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    Re: Battle Night

    I wouldn't have the event starting any earlier, 6 is a good time for most even those outwith NA. I.e. it is 11pm here and I have set up my work schedule so that I finish at 10:15 and am home for 10:30. Any earlier and I wouldn't be able to make it, although moving to a Saturday is much easier for anyone outside NA because it isn't entering into Monday. Most normal people have school or work then closing off the potential for this community to grow. You can say that we are only aiming to get NA people but with the H5 community shrinking, can we afford to? No.
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    Re: Battle Night

    Quote Originally Posted by Barry Soap View Post
    the modus operandi of scheduling within FC isn't going to change for as long as it sees numbers.
    I think it is pretty clear that FC isn't seeing the numbers people expected with Halo 5.

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