"Res1 The Pit v0"
-Setup Ball spawns and zones for scoring for Ricochet.
-No other changes were made.

"Res1 Contract v1"
-Added Ball spawns for Asset.
-Increased Hydra's spare ammo to 2 clips.
-No other changes were made.

"Res1 Sidewinder v1"
-Added Ball spawns for BTB Asset and BTB Sabotage.
-Added invisible blockers to prevent players from getting outside the map.
-Moved Overshield to Top Mid.
-Removed Overshield from the far end of Mid.
-Added another Warthog in front of each base.
-Added a Mantis at the far end of Mid.
-Moved Flag Stands closer to the base entrances so that scoring in CTF is viable.
-Added four Gungooses throughout the map. (one in front of each base and one below each Rocket)
-Removed one of the two Shotguns in each base.
-Reduced Shotgun spare ammo to 1 clip.
-Sniper Rifles removed. Replaced with H1 Magnums.
-Teleporters moved to the first floor of each base.
-Reduced Hydra spare ammo to 1 clip.
-Replaced Stronghold locations. They are now Mid, Blue Room, and Red Room.
-Added Named Locations throughout the map.
-Moved DMRs out of the top mid tunnel slightly.
-Fixed respawn zones to work correctly.