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    Forge Department Signup

    If you want to submit a map for use in the wars, click here.

    The Forge Department is a group of members of Forerunner Conflict who like to forge maps or test maps. They are responsible for helping to ensure that all FC maps and gametypes work as intended and are balanced.

    Anyone can join the Forge Department. Whether you are an expert forger or just someone who wants to take part in testing of the maps, sign up and get involved.

    However, keep in mind that this is something that you are expected to be involved in if you sign up. We will have weekly meetings where we discuss maps, their balance, and ways to improve them and get them set up for all FC gametypes.

    Weekly schedule for forge meetings:

    • TBA

    No one is expected to show up to all of them. However, missing them may mean you don't have opportunities to express your opinion on specific changes to maps before they are made. (anyone is able to provide input about any part of a map at any time, though)

    We will be a bit more strict about keeping active members in the department so we can continue to provide high quality maps at a reasonable pace.

    If you are interested in becoming a part of the Forge Department, fill out the following form and post it as a reply.
    Forging Experience:
    Additional Comments:


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    Re: Forge Department Signup

    Gamertag: Solus Exsequor
    Forger/Tester/Both: Both, mainly here to represent HC
    Forging Experience: minimal
    Skype: you have me already, likely.
    Additional Comments: Just want to keep a view over things as an active squad member and a member of HC and WC just to have my input on certain changes and ideas. I have an active imagination when it comes to maps and have ran some tests in the past including allowing my practices to be pre-war testing zones
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    Re: Forge Department Signup

    Gamertag: WTFRaptor
    Forger/Tester/Both: Both
    Forging Experience: Improving since Reach
    Skype: raptora015
    Additional Comments: Already an active member of the current Forge Department. Wish to see more active members assisting in map prepartion for battle nights and map testing.
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    Re: Forge Department Signup

    Gamertag: Barry Soap
    Forger/Tester/Both: Both (As much as I can)
    Forging Experience: Quite a bit, but my creativity lacks slightly.
    Skype: live:glennpws
    Additional Comments: I'd like to do as much as I can here, but (without sounding big-headed), I may be able to bring some knowledge of how the maps flow, their spawns, and if they will be competitively-viable.
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    Re: Forge Department Signup

    Gamertag: L3g3ndarY NovA
    Forger/Tester/Both: All of the above
    Forging Experience: No solo maps, but a few maps as supporting forger.
    Skype: You've got it already
    Additional Comments: Fancy new department you have here. You missed a spot in the paint job though.

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    Re: Forge Department Signup

    Gamertag: Luminous Nova
    Forger/Tester/Both: Both
    Forging Experience: Forging since Halo 3
    Skype: lumi.nova.96
    Additional Comments: I am a very active Forger, after I am happy with one project I then move onto another. I like to test other people's maps, see their creations and provide help when needed.

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    Re: Forge Department Signup

    Quote Originally Posted by Legendary Nova View Post
    Additional Comments: Fancy new department you have here. You missed a spot in the paint job though.
    feel free to point out anything to me, i still have another can of paint here ready for a second coating.
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    Re: Forge Department Signup

    Gamertag: L0rd Kanti
    Forger/Tester/Both: Tester/Map Breaker
    Forging Experience: Very little most from Halo 3
    Skype: Already added to chat
    Additional Comments: My main thing is breaking your map any way I can within the sandbox

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    Re: Forge Department Signup

    Gamertag MosDeaf42
    Forger/Tester/Both Both
    Forging Experience Since H3, several solo maps and some joint maps
    Skype mosdeafgdd
    Additional comments I strive for a balance between beauty and functionality.
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    Re: Forge Department Signup

    Gamertag: drth spartan
    Forger/Tester/Both: Both (primarily testing but not opposed to Forging)
    Forging Experience: Not much since Halo 4
    Skype: drthspartan12
    Additional Comments: I'll Help where ever necessary

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