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    Squad CSR Report (March)

    Some random stuff I decided to track. It's interesting to check out.

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    Re: Squad CSR Report (March)

    Maaaaan I really don't play enough :L
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    Re: Squad CSR Report (March)

    I'm the 3rd worst out of everybody there :b haha
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    Re: Squad CSR Report (March)

    This is really cool to check out, it sucks to see a big fat 0 next to my name though. I really need to make time for myself to attend a battle night.

    This sort of reminds me of OP Firestorm (sorry if I bring about some PTSD to anyone reading this) when we reworked all the REDD units to form somewhat evenly skilled platoons (that didn't last long). I went to everybody's Halo Reach stats and compiled information from every active player. That was tedious.

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    Re: Squad CSR Report (March)

    interesting data, keep up the hard-work.
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    Re: Squad CSR Report (March)

    No problems here. Everything looks good.

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    Re: Squad CSR Report (March)

    Interesting, each squad has one or two "aces" in diamond (except sunbros right now, though metkil is more than diamond material, i blame low play times) with the rest scattered between platinum and upper gold.

    And then there's VBD, whose aces are in champion ranks, and their lowest ranked player still in onyx. In terms of CSR, A squad with an average ranking of Bronze 1 is closer in score to our highest level squad than the highest level squad is to vbd. Food for though i suppose.
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