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    Post FC Halo 5 Bootcamp map!

    After putting it off for months, having two other people work on it for me while I was gone on spring break, and spending about 6 hours last night making sure everything was functional, I'm happy to announce FC's Bootcamp map for Halo 5!

    It features:
    • Briefing Room - Can your rookies take orders?
    • Infirmary - For those gravely wounded
    • Obstacle Course - Tests your jumping, sprinting, pounding, and run n' gun skills
    • Shooting Range - Kill cones with loadout weapons
    • Free Roam - Grab a 'Hog or 'Goose and take a drive
    • Extraction Scenario - Rookies escort their DI to extract sensitive data (the Ball™) from an enemy strike team

    There are two copies, one for BLUE to use, and the other for REDD to use. The difference is just team and color swaps on everything.

    You can find these maps in my Bookmarks, "BLUE Bootcamp" and "REDD Bootcamp."
    You'll also need to grab the gametype for this map, called "FC Training."


    Full album of screenshots can be found here.

    Many thanks to Luminous Nova and Legendary Nova for their continued assistance with making this map.

    Hope you and your rookies enjoy this!
    Should you have any feedback or comments, please, hit me up and I'll be happy to chat
    \[T]/ PRAISE THE SUN \[T]/

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    Re: FC Halo 5 Bootcamp map!

    Helped with two bootcamps on this map so far, excellent map!
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    Re: FC Halo 5 Bootcamp map!

    I think I'll DL these just to check them out and see how they compare to the one I used for REDD on Reach. Not sure if I'll ever use them though.

    Regardless, thanks to everyone who put in the hard work of constructing these. I haven't used Forge in Halo 5 but I hear it's a pain to use.

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