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    New story announcement: Champions of Man

    If you listen closely, the night whispers of all kinds of things. Some wonderful, some horrible. One tale that swept through the lands was of a demon who took the shape of a man. He took many forms over the centuries, and was dedicated to his quest to rule, no matter the lives he took. As with everything, the Universe sought balance, and an Angel was sent to stop him. However, the demon and the angel were tied in strength, and though one would sometimes overpower the other, neither had the strength or will to end things. To this end, the responsibilities fell to man. Sometimes, the dark temptations in man's heart won out, and they struck down the angel. The demon was allowed to rule the lands until his time was ended. But, as always, his mortal body would eventually die too, and he had to find another. Other times, the angel and demon would meet, and man would rally his hopes and dreams and destroy the darkness, and peace and prosperity would overtake the land. The angel's mortal body would eventually fail though, and the cycle would start anew.

    This story however, is about the end of that cycle. The year is 3486, and Man has spread out far amongst the stars. They've colonized hundreds of worlds, and to the amazement of the celestial beings, they realized that their eternal struggle had become dwarfed. The demon reflected, seeing how ruling one measly country no longer had the impact it did in days passed. He became reclusive, and for the first time, scared, as the magnitude of humanities advancements sank in through the shroud of his pride and greed. He soon realized, Something needed to be done. For that, he'd need help. Demons were usually solitary creatures, as their nature led them to betrayal more often than not, but these were exceptional circumstances. He'd not be seen for centuries.

    The year is 3741. The angel lived life after life without seeing the Demon surface. Never had they not encountered each other, they seemed drawn together by fate. However, the angel took pause. Peace and prosperity had ruled the land for centuries, but Humanity had grown bold. Spread across the galaxy, they had created dyson spheres to absorb the powers of stars, had perfected amazing technological feats that allowed them to surpass light speed, create short range teleportation, and research was beginning for special tools that would mimic powers beyond them, such as telekinesis, concentrated energy beams, and even the ability to slow time. The angel worried of what might happen if the demon established control over them, with their longer life spans, he could manipulate far more if he got into a position of power. The angel decided to leave the kingdoms of man, and bring a vote to the arch-angels council to decide what to do with them. The angels were unified, but non-interventionalism was a key belief implanted in them from the gods themselves.

    The year is now 3761, twenty years Later. Deep in space, on a planet called "Rilyar", A special team will be formed. This team, soon to be known as the champions of man, will decide the fate of the universe.

    Angels, Demons, and Men will clash, and their battle will rise to such fervor that even the gods may take notice.
    Coming Summer 2016.

    An important note is, though the opening paragraph may have been almost fairy-tale level stuff, The rest of the series probably won't be anything close to that.
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