Hey guys advice for recruiting,never take more then 2 people with you for recruiting efforts. And here's why: You may spook them by having too much people,or all the talking will make them not want to suffer a headache. Also the more people you have with you is less room for potential recruits,And to find them: Possible *recruit-ees* seem to enjoy the games one plays when bored for example infection or flood. If you want a lone wolf who can handle his or her own in a fight try free for all. However they will be used to lone wolfing most of the time so they may be harder to convince. Breakout can get you people who may enjoy a tense fight and well rounded team play:swat will be the guys who make aiming a point. Big Team could mean recruits I've met an intresting person or two in there all though they may be more or less frequent. Also another thing the Big Team guys may enjoy heavy vehicle usage or explosives or maybe even stealth think of them as the variety pack because you never know who could be playing,

Now the *objective* game types are the peeps who like the sounds of goals and may be ambitous if they play it the most so if they are given a *goal* like FC for example they may try to help,bolster the ranks or simple be the sort for battle night. Slayer are the kids who normally just enjoy or past time with fighting,*these guys can be casual or try hards* And the game of the week can hint at the people and their qualities. Like Snipers or Fiesta. Warzone you are more likely to find a team of people with friends. While people on Assault may just be there to get paid. Grif Ball does not seem to have try hards *unless it is in Grif Ball* Look for the ones without parties would be your best bet as well..If you see someone with a service tag or gamer tag that hints at their interests it may be very beneficial. And remember guys one last thing. never judge a book by their cover. And if you do get one ya gotta reel em in don't let them forget. I have faith that you guys can do it. .. anyway I tried to help and offer advice take it or leave it or better yet prove me wrong by getting rookies. Besides what do I know? Anyway if you have any opinions,thoughts,advice, or comments feel free to leave one. XD I wish you the best of luck. Dusk out.