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    Alpha & Omega: Chapter 1

    "Michelle!" yelled the rebel captain stepping onto the deck with his heavy metal boots. Wearing a dusty trench jacket with a ammo belt strapped from shoulder to waist. The cigarette in was burnt to the end, and smoke emerged from his nostrils and mouth. "Any reports on Hotel?" asked the captain flicking his cigarette into the trash next to her desk. Michelle is the computer technician of the operation. In college she majored in computer hardware engineering with a master degree and computer science for a doctoral degree. Though she wasn't the young adult that people like. They bullied her, hazed her in public, and was raped twice. She wasn't too fond to the public anymore, so she sticked to her computer. Later joined the Brotherhood and accepted into the ranks of upper enlistments. There Michelle was accepted into Operation Fixer. Operation designed and created by Captain John Fisher. Purpose to locate and hack into imperial systems to steal any data they can be valuable to the government.

    "Hotel came in five hours ago captain." the light of the computer monitors shined off her glasses as she typed. "Why wasn't I informed on this sergeant?" Fisher raised a brow placing his mug on her desk. "You seemed busy with the files earlier, so I didn't want to bother." "But that doesn't mean-" "Hey, I followed simple orders given by you during my initiation. First rule of business madam. When I am busying work, I won't no interruptions whatsoever. I love to work in peace, understand sergeant?" Michelle mimicked Fisher words from the top of her head. Fisher sighed and threw a palm to the back of her head. "Second rule of business sergeant, don't copy the captain words." "Yes sir.." Fisher stood up and ventured down the hallway as the lights flickered on and off.

    "Damn lights...where the hell is Shipwreck.." Fisher searched room to room looking for Shipwreck. Shipwreck is the engineer of Fisher operation base. Shipwreck was found aboard a crashed covenant CSS-battlecruiser. A team scattered through the rumble and found the Huragok in bad condition. Gracefully, the Brotherhood allowed him in and treated his wounds. Giving him a spot on Fisher team. At first Fisher denied any extraterrestrial species in his operation, but his higher official talked him into it. As soon as the Huragok was affiliated in Fisher operation, Fisher gave off a bad aura of disgrief. The Huragok could see that Captain Fisher didn't like him, but it didn't care. It offer it's tentacle to him, but he slapped it away. I'm not taking no damn ex-Covenant species into my ranks. So if you think you can be on my good side, you're dead fucking wrong! Huragok floated past him and saw his tracker in bad condition. With a touch, the Huragok fixed his tracker and ventured down the hall. Hey! Get back here covie! I'm not done speaking to you! On the other side of the corridor was Gimson, leader of Alpha squad. Arms were crossed and back against the pipes. You can tell he was a laid back soldier by his posture, but a ruthless killer on the battlefield.

    Fisher give the Huragok a break. He's been through more difficult times than you ever lived for. Even fixed your tracker that Michelle couldn't fix. You should at least apologize to it. Fisher stepped face to face with Gimson and spoke, Who I you to decide what I should do and shouldn't. This thing is a damn covie! It infiltrated our planets, burn our homes, and killed our love ones. And you think I should apologize? Gimson laughed under his breath and walked around Fisher constantly. Yes, it was part of the Covenant order, but it doesn't mean it's still working for them. The Covenant died ages ago remember? It's a new era Fisher, can you not see it? Don't discriminate by it's past, look at it as an advantage to the rebels. This Huragok was created by the Forerunners and it holds endless knowledge man. Befriend it, don't hate it. With wise words escaping Gimson lips, Gimson slide his hands into his pants and walked off into the cafeteria. Fisher sighed and kicked a pipe, creating a dense dent. Venturing through the halls, he found it inside the Core room reorganizing files, components, and processors. The sound of his boots caught the Huragok attention as it descended to Fisher level. Fisher lips were tight as a snake grip. He didn't want to say sorry, but the Huragok forgave him by placing it's tentacles on his forehead. Showing him his love and forgiveness. Fisher clenched his fist and released it then spoke, I apologize for accusing you of your past job in the covenant. I shouldn't discriminate you by your past, I shouldn't discriminate at all. Gimson was standing on the outside watching the Huragok and Fisher kiss and make up. Gimson stumbles in and claps catching the Huragok and Fisher attention. I am proud of you Captain and you I'm going to give him a name Gimson. Since the Huragok was found shipwrecked on an evacuated planet. I suggest we name it Shipwreck. Do you like that?

    The Huragok back glowed with many colors signifying a happy joyful emotion. Then there you have Gimson. He likes his new name. Gimson laughed a bit and flipped a quarter to Fisher. Yeah if that's what you think Captain. See you on the flip side. Gimson started out the door as Fisher looked to Shipwreck then back to the quarter. What does he mean by "If that's what you think Captain." Fisher have to give it a little time and thinking to understand Shipwreck wasn't a male. Couldn't really examine if it was a male or female. It's difficult to tell by Hugaroks. Well Shipwreck, this is a start of a new friendship.

    "Hey Shipwreck!" Shipwreck turned his head descending from the core to Fisher. Shipwrecked rubbed his head under Fisher chin. A weird vibe was arousing from Fisher, so he gently pushed Shipwreck off of him. "Okay enough with the lovey dovey shit Shipwreck. We have business to attend to." Shipwreck moved back two inches and nodded. Fisher reached down into his pockets and pulled out a keycard. He handed it over to Shipwreck as it analyzed it. "I need you to look over that file and see if you can purify it. There's an important file on there that High command must see so please fix it." Shipwreck aired to it's quarters and got to work. Fisher tilted his hat and stepped out the core room and back into the hallway. Walking down the dimly lighted hallway, he cocked his head forward and chuckled. Man, I thank God for this group. They mean more to me than my job. A big happy family.

    Earth, home to the Empire, was in critical state. Since the infiltrations' of brotherhood forces, the government has shut down. Everyone was scared to use their data-cards, credit cards, and ID cards because of fixers. Fixers came and left, leaving no trace or identity to who they are. Only information the Empire knew was that they are affiliated with the Brotherhood scum. But the fixer's wasn't just the only problem. Rebellion is united inside the walls of the Empire. Destroying government files, government buildings, and beating government officials. The rebellion even took over New Mombasa naval base. A uprising has started and how will the Empire deal with it?

    "Can I speak with General Hawk please?" asked the new officer of IONI. Her dress was crimson with three diamond shaped cut-outs on her skirt, and her lip glimmered with red crimson gloss. Her eye's said come get me but her body said take me home tonight. The desk official was speaking into his mic and reorganizing some files. "Um excuse me sir, may I please speak with General Hawk." The desk clerk ignored her as he was occupied with his work. She gave off a low sigh and paced around High Command Quarters. Took a seat near the desk, placing her datapad on the table and stared at the statue of a Spartan standing on rock wielding his rifle. It seemed like it was searching for something while holding it's rifle. She leaned further and further trying to see what it was looking at. "The spartan is searching for hope and freedom. It was a symbol for the UNSC but now it belongs to the Empire." The woman fell back into the cushions of the chair as she noticed a man with a 5'0 clock shadow and nicely trimmed haircut. He looks to be in his mid 30's and is wearing a ring on his index finger. Seems to be married, probably a nice wife with a few children.

    "Sorry, I was admiring your uniform sir." "Cut the act sweety, I know you were analyzing me from head to toe. Already failed one test madam." He placed his hands behind his back and stepped a little closer to her. "Okay sir, you are too close to me. I'm going to need you to stand back." "You need to learn your place madam or should I contact the head of IONI about your behavior." "Wait how did you know-" "I know everything about new interns of IONI because i'm the chairman. Her eye's widen and bowed in tradition of her family. "I'm sorry sir...very very sorry..." "Relax May, I'm not here to test you. I'm here for General Hawk." "I am here for him as well chairman." "Do you have an appointment?" She didn't answer that second because she realized she didn't make an appointment. "I'm such a failure to IONI.." "Nonsense May, look i'll take you to see the general and we'll both discuss this crisis with him. You are here for that right?" "Yes sir." "Good."

    The chairman and May started to the front desk and saw the man on the phone. The chairman cleared his throat the first time to get the boy attention and then another and one last time. He slapped his hands on the desk and snatched the phone from the boy ear. "Hey excuse ma'am, he'll be back with you in a second," said the chairman as he spoke to the person on the other line. The boy was startled and snapped at the chairman with a bit of an attitude. "Boy, I can take your job from you and give it to a mere janitor, so if I was in your shoes; I would show some damn respect." The clerk sat back into his chair and looked down to the floor. Playing with his fingers showed that he felt bad for snapping at the chairman of IONI. "My friend, my officer and I have scheduled an appointment with General Hawk and must see him immediately as requested." "Yessss sirrrr. Here is you and your officer badges. I hope you time with him is well. "You bet your ass it will be," responded the chairman under his breath tossing the phone back to the clerk. "And stay off that phone because if I come back down and see that in your ear again. You're going to lose your job and your ear." May laughed and walked with the chairman to the elevator.

    "General, you have company." sounded Atlas from the monitor. "Send them in Atlas," ordered the general. Atlas opened the door to the general quarters as two IONI officials stepped into his working quarters. The chairman stepped in front of May and clenched his fist. She was confused as why he was balling his fist like he was ready to jack Hawk. She reached for his wrist but it was too late. He slapped his fist onto Hawk desk and yelled, "Why the hell did you start project Alpha and Omega?! Don't you see those riots outside the building, don't you see the damage they have done to IONI headquarters and the city of New Mombasa?! This is all your goddamn fault Hawk and I will have your head up high once all this is over!" The chairman finger was close to Hawk forehead as he slapped it away. He fixed his short black hair and his uniform to fit his status. Hawk stared at the chairman and then to his lovely assistant. "So who is she?" "She is my new assistant at the head quarters, but I want answers Hawk." "You'll get your answer soon enough as I speak with her." "Hawk..." "I'll bring in security if I have to." Hawk laid his cheek on his fist giving off a slight smile staring at Hughes. May stepped forward with her high heels. She seemed a little frightened to see the chairman like this. She never seen him act this way before.

    "Ma'am, you dress like your going to a party instead of a interview. If you think this would impress me then you have to try harder, but please don't be afraid to speak to me." Her eye's shot to Hawk and she bowed. "My name is May Uycnia, I am Mr. Hughes assistant at IONI headquarters. I wish to ask you a few questions if you have the time?" Hawk smiled and crossed his legs; showing he is interested in answering her questions. "Proceed Ms. May. I am all ears."

    To Be Continued
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