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    Operation: Trinity (Infection Campaign)

    //Patching Connection
    //Connection Established
    \\File: MP4

    "Hello, if you are receiving this message it means that I'm dead. My team and I have been researching flood life-forms to see how they operate. We had some...errors during our hypothesis, but we kept with the plan. During our research, one of my students discovered an abandoned cavern. We ventured through the cavern and discovered a tunnel. The texture of the tunnel seemed to be dated back to the medieval era. We found cages, skulls, and bodies, but most importantly, we discovered a Forerunner artifact buried deep within the structure. The artifact seemed to be offline along with the others. In order to re-activate it, we had to build five generators around the facility. The generators are located...
    ///Connection Re-established
    "..that is where you locate the switches. Seems I'm running out of power...*coughs*. I have to make this quick...To those who receive my message, please be careful. One of our specimens escaped and infected on of my students. The infection spread and the majority of the crew are either dead or walking among them... *Beeping noise*. Oh no....I have to *coughs* go...beware of the AI that speaks in...
    \\End of Message

    The loss of that team was crucial and devastating, but their death will not be in vain. An infection has consumed that facility, and it may get worse; may reach the public and start affecting millions of innocent lives. That is why I plan on sending a team to take care of this infection and retrieve the artifacts. It's time to begin Operation: Trinity. Time to discover the truth behind their project.

    (Event Dates will be posted sometime this week, along with a story in the creative writing forum)

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    Re: Operation: Trinity (Infection Campaign)

    So glad Infection is back, should've launched with the game. School's almost out so I'll see if I can be there.

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