It felt like dream recurring over and over again. I escaped from one of the most heavily secured correctional facilities operated by the Empire. I then found out the Emperor specially asked for my presence which amazed the fuck out of me. Why would he want a lunatic like me? Is it because I'm striking and daring? Naaa. I'm sure he has an exceptional purpose. Anyway, when am I going to get some damn service?

Laying in his bed, Maed gradually opened his eyes and gazed at the ceiling. He turned his head to the other bed and found it in a mess. "Hm, when did I get a roommate?". Maed cavorts off the bed and saw on an IONI uniform hanging in the closet. He noticed a note on the uniform. "Meeting at 0900 am. Be there on time." signed Lieutenant Sanders. Maed steered his head above the door and saw the first clock hand past nine and the second hand past six. "Shit, I'm late," Maed said with an emotionless attitude. He removed the uniform from the hanger and placed on the uniform. It wore tight on his skin and he felt very uncomfortable.

Mead rushed out of his room and ran down the hall. He was stopped by a 6-foot old man, "What's the hurry son?". "Late for a meeting. Do you know where Lieutenant Sanders is located?". "Of course. She's in Meeting Hall A; go further down the hall and make a left, and it should be the first door on your right.". Maed nodded his head and followed the directions the old man gave him. Once he made a left to the next hallway, another 6-foot man stood before him with an irrational facial expression. He gripped Maed by the collar of his uniform and threw him in the room. Maed went face first into the metallic floor and had a distressing headache. "Damn man! Why the bloody hell did you do that?!" cried Maed. A female voice cut through his words, "Mr. Kin you are late.". Maed stood up and saw Lieutenant Sanders standing before seven personnel around a round table. "Sorry, I slept-", "Please, sit down. It irritants me to repeat my words again." interrupted Lieutenant Sanders with a long sigh. "Lieutenant Luther, you can enter now." The 6-foot man entered the room. "Apologizes ma'am for my roommate. I should have woke him up. I will take the blame for now." said Luther. "All is well Luther. Please take a seat."

Sanders laid her hand on the table and a holographic map appeared before the personnel. "Alright, lets recap. On May 14, 2603, the rebel militia, B.L.U.E, conducted a large assault on R.E.D.D capital codenamed Coagulation. Due to heavy damage to the capital, the Field Marshall have made a decision with his Generals' to acquire a new capital with stronger defenses. We have many ideas for a new capital but few of the locations have a low defensive point: orbital and ground. As High Command brainstorm and fortify a new command center, I have been given the authorization to send you nine on black operations. There are no details on these operations yet; however, I have scheduled a team training session for three months. The training session will be based on a point system. The greater amount of points you achieve, your number rank increases from deadliest to least deadliest. To note, the Emperor wants a six-man black ops team. The other three soldiers will be placed as reserves until one of the six members falls ill or is killed on active duty. The favors will work for you if you survive the new augmentations. Yes, you nine have went through your first augmentations when joining the Spartans III's or IV's; however, these augmentations will further enhance your abilities on the field. Trust me, these augmentations will be a pain in the ass. In conclusion, the team name has already been chosen by one of your fellow peers. The name for the squad will be called Outer-Haven. Training will begin tomorrow 0600 am. I hope everyone have a good rest tonight and wakes up "on time" for the practice. I wish all of you the best of luck."

Everyone got up from their chairs and walked out the door in a orderly fashion. I stayed seated in the chair and staired at the holographic old capital map on the round table. I wish I was there for that battle; unfortunately, I was stuck here instead. I would love to get some blood back on my hands. "And you will get blood back on your hands Maed." a distorting voice pierced through the walls of the room. "Who said that?" asked Maed standing up from his chair searching through out the room. A small digital figure appeared on the board as a black pyramid. "My name is Zeta and I will be your squad's personal assistance. I read through your files. Even the classified files IONI. You have quite a history betraying your military and slaughtering your own fellow neighbors. I think we'll be good friends..."