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    I have returned!

    Hey Forerunner Conflict Smithy here and I have decided to return back to Forerunner Conflict! I have missed being part of this community to be honest and I am looking very VERY forward to once again playing with you guys and helping the REDDS out to future victories. It's good to be back!

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    Re: I have returned!

    Welcome back
    "Different name, same fate."
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    I (Feedback) tried to flank them Barry Soap style, but it didn't really work out and I just ended up hiding a lot
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    Damn you barry, being seductive to all those recruits by painting vivid, purdy imagery with your words.

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    Re: I have returned!

    Welcome back brother, welcome to the shadows where we stand vigilant. Where we carry out the duty that cannot be forsworn. And should you perish, know that your sacrifice will not be forgotten. And that one day, we shall join you.

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    Re: I have returned!

    And now his watch begins... Again? Lol.

    Welcome back!
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    Re: I have returned!

    Welcome back!

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    Re: I have returned!

    Good to have ya back.

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