It's been several years since the attack on Valhalla seven years ago. I stood upon the cliff of Ragnarok and gazed my eyes over my fellow brothers. A sad time passed once Spartan Panic was lost during Operation: Panic Attack. His team Marauder was devasted by his lost. Back then I looked down upon then and offered my help to rebuild their squad and make it new. However, after the invasion on Ragnarok, we lost team Marauder including other brave squads. I, including a few others, survived the invasion and fled to another planet. We called the planet our temporary home, a home where the old Brotherhood forces held the strongest frontier during the time of Reclamation. We now call it Vatican.

In time we were weak after the invasion, but we grew stronger. We rebuilt what was corrupted and destroyed in the Empire. We chose a new Field Marshall and he's done a decent job keeping us alive. We have lost many along the way but they will never be forgotten. Even my old squad Sparta and Eclipse will be remembered. Redwatch was the toughest and most dangerous squad we had but lost contact with them in the war. I dedicated my time to finding them and only found writings left by old squad members. The search is still on foot and I have the help of a few old friends re-piecing the puzzle. We've created new squads to help us on our journey to win this war. Revenge is on its way.

"Brothers and Sisters! We march on to Earth to reclaim what belongs to us. The Empire! No more will we face the defeat of those rebels. No, we will conquer and divide. Conquer and divide! Let us learn from our past mistakes and venture forth on this crusade to retake our old capital." shouted Lt. Jules over the comms of the Imperial Crusade. All the soldiers applauded and shouted with absolute emotions. I can see it in their eyes that they are ready for revenge. Ready to take vengeance on those took everything away from us.

Aboard the United Jack , a Brotherhood Naval personnel sipped his coffee and typed in information into his computer. As he was typing in information, a message enlarged on his screen. It read, "Warning. Warning. Slipspace rupture detected 500 feet from the current distance." The soldier jumped onto his and dashed to the bridge. Once entering the bridge, he saw other personnel gazing through the bridge display window and saw dozens of Imperial Destroyers tearing through other Brotherhood ships. The captain yelled, "Everyone! get to your stations!" Everyone jumped into their seats and operating the systems like no tomorrow.

"Evelyn get me a direct line to High Command. I must-". Boom . An explosion occurred inside the ship. More Imperial vessels appeared and flanked. One shell after another impacted the United Jack. "Relaying the message to High Command Captain. It's been a pleasure serving you..." the ship exploded as soldiers were sucked into the vacuum of space. The ship exterior and interior were in flames tumbling into Earth's atmosphere. The ship split in two. One-half landed in an Ocean as the other landed in a city crushing thousands of civilians and devasting buildings.

The empire has now touched down on their old home world. The feet of a thousand men stomped on the ground and marched through the city. They burned stores, homes, businesses, and some of the civilians. They ran through the rebels like a herd of bulls. On the other side of the field, spartan teams were making their way to Ragnarok, BLUE's Capital.

This is the face of war, my friends. There are no rights or wrongs in the heat of battle. It's just mere bloodshed. We take away a soldier's life who may have been a father, a mother, a brother, sister, son, etc. We are there the last gaze before they pass on. It's such an evil sight. Looking for the man that killed you, the man that bested in your battle. Now you won't be able to go back home and see your family ever again, but you will see them in the next world. We must learn there is no mercy in war, nor is there a true winning side in war. We welcome our sins and now we face them here on out. Our sins will never die, they will always stick with us and pester us like flies and mosquitos. We can kill them all we want but they will keep returning over and over again until your time is at its end. This is our sin. The Sin of War.

Will this last effort win the war for the Empire or will they fall to the Brotherhood again? There is no answer until after battlenight. We will discover who is the victor and the defeated, but one most remember. The defeated will always grow stronger and overcome the victor.