Listen.. GAMEHEEL here:
I've been here, done that.

(I'm enlisted as you can see)
And the Forerunners have sent me here to keep this thing alive.. you feel?
Look, I know we just implemented this "draft" thingy. But I think the main focus should be recruiting and promoting Forerunner Conflict. Or eventually we won't have anyone to draft. And honestly I don't want FC to die.

It just takes a little bit of effort people! I was recruited off of a all-recent-players message. Weird.. right? I'm sitting there, minding my own business, twiddling my thumbs.. and all of a sudden a notification pops up on my screen. A message that sort of changed my life (in a way): VerbotenDonkey sent you a message

And that was it, I was drawn in by the word "community". It involved battles, and game nights, two great armies battling for control and victory.

Where did that FC go..? Did it die..? That's the only answer I can really accept.. either that or everyone stopped trying. FC used to be GREAT, lively personalities, and people I'll never forget. I got alot of great memories from FC.. and I hope there's alot more for the new generation. It's sad to say my best time here was Reach. And I'll never get that time back.

But besides me.. there's something you can do! YES YOU! Reading this right now! You can recruit! Send messages! Promote FC! It's a community where teamwork AND friendship came be made through the games of HALO, and the lore of Forerunner Conflict!

Send out messages to recent players in public games, go in game chat, REACH OUT to people. Try! Succeed! ..Or at least you can say you tried. You feel..?

*On another- side- very small idea- note.. we should have a side war on Halo: Reach. Since it is backwards compatible. And my favorite game FC has played..*