Freelancer Unsafe

I wondered throughout the compound of an unknown UNSC facility where I encountered a recruiter for an organization with a huge crowd. I ran into the crowd but was stopped by three marines holding designated marksman rifles. The one in the middle gazed at my clothes and preceding to laugh. My clothes were ripped and parts of it were burnt.

The marine on the right said, "Do you have any military background son?". I stared at the man and replied, "I was apart of UN until I was kicked out of service for disobeying a direct order in battle. I was a Corporal."

The marine approached me on my right and shoved me with his rifle. He then preceded to aim the barrel at my head. "We don't like UN or ex-UN on our turf." Confused I was until the other marine jumped in to clarify.

"We are Navcom son; the clan you use to be apart of started a war with us and the other military organizations. We don't take to kindly to soldiers who served in UN or any of our enemies. To us, you are a threat."

"But I'm not part of them anymore! It's been a month since I joined another organization. You shouldn't hold me from joining your organization because my old organization was in a recent war."

The marine shoved the butt of his rifle dead into my chest as my chest caved in. Blood shot from my mouth onto the soldiers uniform as I fell to my knees. The soldier looked furious to see blood on his uniform. He reached down to grab my head and a quick punch connected with my face. Then another after another kept connecting. The soldiers behind him started shouting, "Yeah! Get him Jeff! Show that UN bot what we're made of!"

The crowd behind them turned to see the brutality. I looked into the crowd to see everyone staring at me with blank faces. I called out for help but none came to help. I tried to crawl away but the soldiers kept beating me continuously.

"Please....stop...I don't deserve this..." I calmly spoke being beaten to death.

"I won't stop in the world!", shouted the soldier beating me. I heard something unlatch and saw a glimpse of a magnum in a marine's hand. He stood over me and pointed the magnum to my forehead.

"I hope you said your prays scum. Once I kill you, we'll use your blood to spell UN SCUM." The soldier laughed.

He loaded one bullet in a clip and inserted into the magnum. Aiming the magnum to my head and chanting. He started to pull the trigger until a man snatched his hand and twisted it. He threw the soldier of his soldier and stepped onto his neck with force. Finishing him off by twisting his neck.

The two other soldiers were surprised and aimed the rifles. Before they fired, two shots connected against their head instantly killing the soldiers. The crowd screamed in fear and flees from the scene like a herd of cattle. The man kneeled down and offered his hand. I was too weak to move my muscles, so he decided to pick me up and throw me into his shoulders."

He was sprinting like a cheetah. Moving through building to building, carrying me to a troop warthog. He placed me in the side seat and locked me in. He then looked over to me and said, "Sorry if I was late Unsafe. It took sometime to get to your position."

I slowly and stressfully turned my head toward him and softly spoke, "Who are you?".

He started the warthog and speed off through the streets and onto the highway. "My nickname is Bushy and I'm the leader of Rebels Legion. You were in need of help so I jumped in to help out. You probably noticed the two shots killing the marines. That was my co-leader Vermillion."

"But..why did you...really help me?"

"Because mate...I need more men who were abandoned by their clans and left out to die in the middle of wars. I read your file and seen the records that were classified about you. That classified information seemed useful for RL. You've been a lone wolf for a month, and you will not be one anymore. Welcome to Rebels Legion friend."

I smiled for a second then blacked out from such blood loss. I later woke up in a medical bed in a small crammed room. My head was bandaged along with my torso and arms. I slowly got out of the bed and stepped through the corridors. In the next room I saw a group of men and a few women. All dressed in Spartan armor. Some were colored in red and white as the others were blue and white.

A man approached me and shook my hand. "Hello friend! You can call me Emanuel, or by the others call me Angry Midgets."

"Why do they call you Angry Midgets?" I asked. "It's because of my height. I was the shortest recruit in bootcamp and my drill instructor Vermillion named me this."

"Oh cool." I said to the side. He grabbed my arm and pulled me through the crowd of armored soldiers to the two men dressed in Commando armor and Gungir armor.

The one in Commando spoke first, "You met me before recruit when I rescued you. Today is the day you begin your training as a rebel. I have asked my best engineer to build the best armor with your skills. Mark V [B] armor; quick mobility and loose grip on your muscles. Should help you move freely."

"What? I don't remember asking to join your organization?!" I shouted out Bushy as the rest of the soldiers startled at us. Bushy placed his hand on my shoulders and said, "You are here either you want to or not. You are a common enemy to Navcom and a outcast of UN. You'll be safe here and we'll help you enhance your skills."

The guy in Gungir continued with the conversation, "He's right you know. Be grateful Bushy saved your ass instead of leaving him for dead. I implied to let you die but he ordered me to assist you."

I stared down at my feet and clenched my fist. I lifted my head up and faced Bushy. "Fine, I'll stay for now."

"Good to know friend! Welcome to Maverick Division. We are based on security and Intel. Your first training starts tomorrow."

Going to edit some things to make it more interesting and add some background soon. I am tempted to continuing with my halo clan stories and see how it goes on from here. From joining the clan, the wars, the raids, the betrayals, and growth. Hope you enjoy