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    Exile (Halo 4 Remake)

    Map Name: Exile
    Map Description: Remake of the halo 4 btb map, Exile
    Forger(s): D4RKPR1NC3
    Preferred Number of Players: 8v8
    Type of gameplay map is focused on: Focussed more on vehicle combat. Very large open ring for vehicles while infantry can traverse through the outer ring and center of the map.
    Restrictions: N/A
    Other Details: Remade to the specifications of Halo 4's Exile
    Waypoint File Browser Link:

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    Re: Exile (Halo 4 Remake)

    Just a quick note about all maps to be submitted. We need to make sure that maps remakes that hold true to the original game it comes from work with the new sandbox of H5. H5's player movement is extremely more flexible then any other halo game. So it might be fruitful to find a h5 version remake of a map rather then a true remake.

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