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    Tour De Guzz

    Hey what's popping everyone,

    I've been thinking about doing one of these events for a long time now and figured that it was about time to get it done.

    Just in case you don't know what a "Tour the Walsh" is, it is basically a free for all played for an extended period of time. People join in and out and it is just an overall great way to work on your shot, map awareness, 1v1 battles, reaction time, etc. By the end of one of these, players usually end up having over 1k kills; you are basically in it for the long haul.

    If you would be interested in participating, let me know in the comments. I am thinking of starting the lobby around noon my time (EST) this Saturday, July 16) and going until any appendage of mine is in severe discomfort.

    Can't make it at that time? no worries, usually people leave and join frequently and if you wanna join in late, just shoot me a message, if there is room, i'll get you in the game. I will also be streaming the game play so if you wanna check it out go to

    Thanks in advance and hope to see some of you there
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    Re: Tour De Guzz

    This sounds like a good idea. You might wanna post on TeamBeyond aswell? I'm sure a few of them will be pretty interested.

    Also more exposure for your stream
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    Re: Tour De Guzz

    I've played a tour before, really not my thing. Good luck to any who want to participate though.
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