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Thread: Wars Suspended

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    Wars Suspended

    So this has been a long time coming in some ways, and I don't plan to beat around the bush.

    Effective immediately, the current war (Resurgence #2) is cancelled, and future wars are suspended indefinitely.

    That's effectively it. If you want more information, I'll include some below:

    1. Activity. Halo 5 has been out for about a year now, and a number of new releases are coming out as well. The population of Halo 5 is quite low now, and this is shown in FC as well. While this is mostly just here as an excuse, it is still a correlation.

    2. Motivation. Myself included, the leadership and memberbase don't have the motivation needed to maintain an active and effective war. I don't even play Halo aside from Battles or forging the map, and everyone else has been putting in very few hours compared to how they used to. Motivation is the single-most important thing for a community like us, and is needed for everything from recruitment, practice, and holding activities outside of the main battles.

    3. FC is by no means dead. We're just suspending the wars. Everyone is still encouraged to use the Discord server or forums to setup gamenights, find groups to play games, etc. Ask around and you can find people playing pretty much anything.

    4. Looking forward to Halo Wars 2.
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    Re: Wars Suspended

    Halo wars 2 looks good
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    Re: Wars Suspended

    rip ol' girl :c
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    Re: Wars Suspended

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    Re: Wars Suspended

    lot of good memories here, sad to see it end.

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    Re: Wars Suspended

    I feel obligated to post something after I heard about the wars being suspended. It is a bitter-sweet pill to swallow for me. Back in 2006-07 the idea was new and fresh with the Halo 2 community. Back then, it was also the only game any Xbox owner ever played.

    I still feel that it was the best time to be part of this community. Battle nights were enormous with 3-4 lobbies full of people in 8v8 matches. It was a great time!

    When we created the community, we wanted to have a place for people to experience something new in halo 2, and future games. It was a place to create friendships, some lasting years. I can say that I made some great friendships within FC from my active time here. But I knew that I couldn't remain active forever.

    We also knew that Halo will eventually change and not be the game it is today. Thus, we are here now in Halo 5. Very different community, and a lot less people. Unfortunately, when a community is based around a game.. that game must be successful.

    Myth did state some reasons why the wars are suspended and I will not repeat them. I will try not to be long winded, but I am still happy to see a community like this that lasted as long as it did, and you all should be proud of keeping it a float through the years on xbox one. I am sure it was challenging.

    Myth- You have taken upon yourself to do as much as you can to help this community thrive and continue in the halo universe. Thank You for continuing to be a driving force for these group of dedicated halo players. Yourself included. It is not easy. I know.

    Maxdoggy, Spartan, Donkey. You 3 a long with others I probably failed to mention are grizzled ancients that have seen literally everything that this community went through. I hope if you decide to continue with these group of people that you create another war within another game to continue what we started.

    All I can say is that I knew this day would come, and no one should feel like they failed. We succeeded. If you have friendships. If you had fun, and you loved this idea.. it will continue, just evolve. FC will evolve, and go on as something great and different. It just takes time, like everything else.

    Good Luck everyone! Hope to game with you all again soon one day.

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    Re: Wars Suspended

    I've been here for 5 and a half years of battles. Jesus christ has it been a ride. I'm sorry to see them ending, but FC will still be a great venue for people to talk and play games with each other, even without battlenight! Hopefully, some time in the future, we'll be able to resurrect battlenights, but for now, well...
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    Re: Wars Suspended

    Well I joined in Reach and it was very fun. I was active all the way up until the end of halo 4. But now I just don't have time to play. Many great memories and friends made here. I will never forget FC!

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    rip ol' girl :c
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    Re: Wars Suspended

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    Re: Wars Suspended

    Quote Originally Posted by VerbotenDonkey View Post
    rip ol' girl :c

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