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    Lore Entry: Demons I

    Demons are a powerful Race of magic users from a land known as Alzanoth. They first appeared millions of years ago, coming through portals opened from an alternate dimension. Despite years of research, the demon race is still mostly a mystery to us. They can take any shape, and have a wide variety of powers. They’re a combative, competitive race, where survival of the fittest takes precedence. They’re mostly divided into two Categories, Lesser demons, which are weak, and have very little magic power, if any, and rely on brute strength and borrowed power, and greater demons, Which wield cataclysmic power that can rend worlds and enhance those that follow them. Often times lesser demons will flock to the greater demons, and serve them in exchange for protection and power. It’s currently unknown how lesser demons become greater demons, if, indeed, there is even any way to do so. At the top of their society are the Demon Lords, beings with power rivaling that of godhood. They hold their own territories, keeps, armies of lesser demons, great beasts, and even greater demons that serve them. These demon lords keep each others power in check with constant infighting, none risk waging a war with heaven or humanity for risk of losing their territories to another demon lord while their armies are away.

    Occasionally, A demon lord or enterprising greater demon might send forth an avatar of themselves into the human world through a rift between dimensions, in an attempt to secure power in the human world covertly. Killing a demons avatar in our universe seems to have minimal affect on them, merely banishing them back to their own realm. In exchange for this however, it seems they cannot use their full powers while using these avatars, they would have to come in person, at great personal risk. Angels are often dispatched to combat the appearances of these avatars. Many wars have broken out over the clashes between the demon and angel races.

    Currently, There are known to be seven Demon lords.

    Syrax, The Formless
    Zero, Lord of Darkness
    Torgant, The Ever Reaching
    Proxus, The Eternal
    Calric, The Mindflayer
    Kestro, The fallen king
    Minra, Riftmaster
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