Little is known of Syrax, his nature makes tracking him difficult. He is a master of shape shifting, and can switch between forms in seconds, as many times as he needs to. Unlike most demons, he is not limited to currently living things, and can shape shift into corpses, non-living objects such as furniture, or even magical creations such as working portals or a being of pure flame. Consequently, none know his true form, and it’s almost impossible to tell whether or not he’s near, unless you’re extremely exceptional at detecting magical energies, which he uses to sustain himself, even when not “technically” living on a physical level. Some suspect that he’s transcended a physical body completely, and is merely projecting one. That is mere speculation, however.

His servants are grotesque monstrosities. Syrax spends most of his time experimenting with new ways to change them, improve them, and learning how they work, so that he can copy their forms and powers. He often physically merges himself with multiple servants, and assimilates their DNA, before discarding them. He rewards his servants with their own abilities to transform, changing their bodies to aid them in combat. Syrax himself has built up a repertoire of hundreds of abilities and powers that he’s collected over the years, making him unpredictable in combat, but with little mastery over his individual skills. The downside to his power is that it takes him hundreds of hours of study to properly assimilate a new form, meaning he exerts very little influence on the world around him.

His kingdom itself is constantly changing, the terrain is never the same from one day to the next, and any pathway through will quickly close… only to reopen elsewhere. This often leaves both allies and enemies in a state of confusion, only his personal forces have adapted a sixth sense to navigate these lands.