Had this finished for a little while now, but haven't posted it here yet. oops. Enjoy, future chapters are in the process of being made.

The age of fire was never meant to last, but mankindís spirit was indomitable, and they would refuse to succumb to the age of darkness. Lurking in the shadows, they watched with fear as great beasts roamed the land, and gods did battle amongst eachother. The frail bodies of man couldnít stand against such beings, and soon, even the curse of the undead, which they had used so effectively, began to vanish. Without this great boon, mankind was forced to find an alternate path of survival.

Some turned to pyromancy, to summon great flames to defeat their foes, but the twisted forms of the great witches of izalith gave them pause.

Some turned to the arcane, but many who studied the ancient secrets began to go mad, becoming more feral than hollows ever were.

Some, turned to the holy power of the gods, and they rose up, more powerful and with greater support than ever. For a time, they served as the protectors of the people. As demons descended upon their camps, the light burned bright to keep the dark away.

However, one group, meeting in secret, were skeptical of this holy power. They recognized that it was merely borrowed power, and that they were little more than slaves to the gods. They began to research the world around them, and they created great machines, strong enough to repel any creature that would dare attack them, and to keep themselves alive without the healing power of the clerics. This group was shunned for the longest of times, but eventually, the clergy found itís power slipping. The technology created allowed mankind to build walls to keep the monsters out, and buildings that reached the sky. However, it wasnít until the invention of the gun that things truly began.

This new age, called the age of man, heralded an unprecedented change in the world. Magic was shunned completely in favour of the powerful weaponry, and the borders of mans kingdoms was safe from all but the most powerful of creatures.

Eventually, the great hunt began. Hunters, employed by the church, began to take an exodus out into the wilds of the world, hunting creatures that would be a threat to them. These hunters combined the weaponry of the machinists, alongside a traditional melee weapon. They were fierce warriors, and more of the world came under human control. Though, the world did often fight back. An example of this is the city of yharnam, which was infested by the powers of old, eldritch horrors, and curses that transformed itís residents into the very beasts that the hunters were sent out to kill.

Slowly, humanity eradicated many of the beasts on the surface of earth. Kingdoms rose and fell, but it was done. Soon, humanity was at the top. With this, we began to enter the start of the modern age. Though we had eradicated any creatures that could pose a threat to us, we had become a warlike people in doing so. With nothing left to fight, we began to turn on each other, fighting over territory, resources, and religion. Great weapons of war were created, tanks, planes, bombs. worldwide communication was established with the invention of the internet and cellular phones.

The average person soon became complacent however, there was no drive towards the world anymore. They saw themselves as cogs in a machine that nobody could understand. It was at this unfortunate time when the curse of the undead, dormant for centuries, began to rise again. Before anyone realized what was happening, the darksign began to appear again. Millions turned hollow, giving up without a fight, broken down by the drudgery of their normal lives, Quarantines were useless against the mystical curse, and it spread throughout the world. Political leaders and armed forces succumbed, as they fell into despair, watching as the people they pledged to protect became hollowfied.

Now, with their own weapons turning against them, the survivors will have to find a way to survive this curse. Our story begins here, with jeremy, a young man who awoke to the vision of the darksign; blazing bright orange across his chest. A man with no purpose in life, heís now in a race to find out how to reverse the curse. Will his drive to survive be enough to succeed where so many others have failed?