Zero. True nothingness. He uses darkness itself as a weapon, and his entire kingdom is encased in a perpetual nothingness. It is a zone of pure void, which no light pierces. In a way, It can be said that his kingdom doesn’t exist, for upon entering his territory, you will be unable to orientate yourself, you will be unable to see, feel, or use any of your other senses properly. His keep is a maze which cannot be sensed, woven together with powerful magics.

Zero’s minions are akin to shadows themselves, able to strike out of the darkness, wherever a shadow is cast. They can turn their very own bodies into rifts, allowing others to pass through them into other dimensions. This makes them dangerous foes and spies, and they seem almost limitless in number. They are easily defeated by the forces of good, for powerful lights will cause them to lose cohesion and vanish, but humans and demons beware…

Zero’s territory has slowly been spreading, consuming the land around it, devouring any poor souls who wander too close. No one knows how to stop it. Zero himself is rarely seen outside of his kingdom, as it takes great energy to channel the magical power needed to keep his kingdom enshrouded in void energies. If he leaves for too long, light may once again shine and his kingdom would begin to take physical presence in the world once again.

He doesn’t seem concerned with the other demon lords, he see’s angels as the threat to demon’s that they truly are, and seeks nothing but their destruction.