Torgant is one of the most powerful psionics in the universe, if not THE most powerful, She can extend tendrils of energy nearly anywhere and manipulate objects from afar, and read the minds of those she’s near. The downside to this ability is it requires extreme concentration when used at a distance, and is easily detected and blocked by powerful demons or angels. In close range however, she can overpower even the strongest of demons or angels, as her abilities get exponentially more powerful the closer she is to her target.

Her kingdom crackles with electrical energy, arcs of electricity bouncing between the stone walls, as her kingdom itself acts to absorb some of her powers, acting, if you will, somewhat like a giant battery. As a result of her power, few demons can afford to be near her for long without burning up from the exposure to her powers. She employs only a few, very powerful greater demons to serve under her, usually powerful psionics in their own right. Due to her kingdoms smaller numbers, her agents are rarely seen in the human worlds, and tend to be quite…. Apparent, when they do appear.

Despite her given title of “The Ever Reaching”, her kingdom is actually one of the smallest of any Demon lord. This doesn’t dissuade her from making herself known however, as she is constantly waging wars against the other demon lords, attempting to beat them down into submission. Though her forces often take massive swaths of territory as they obliterate the weaker demons, They have trouble holding the territory afterwords, and they’ve suffered considerable losses in recent years as Rival Demon Lords themselves descend down to defeat the greater demons and relieve their forces.