Proxus is known by many names, Leader of the great swarm, The grand necromancer, Lord of the dead, The Eternal… He is the oldest known demon in existence, and has seen the rise and fall of empires and demon lords. Rumored to have seen the rise of man and the formation of the angelic council. He has eons of wisdom, and almost as many soldiers under his service. He’s a powerful necromancer, holding on to power through swarms of undead minions.

He’s also the only demon lord known to directly offer employment to humans, offering them immortality in exchange for their service. Those that accept however, find that immortality comes at a price. Any soldier of his that falls in battle will rise again shortly afterwords, and it’s easy to spot his veteran warriors. They’re the ones with the least flesh left.

Indeed, Proxus attempts to overwhelm his enemies with raw numbers, sending waves of disposable minions until the enemy is exhausted. He also has several powerful lieutenants to lead his armies on the field and grotesque abominations formed of multiple corpses of humans and demons alike, fused into powerful beings that can rival an entire brigade of lesser demons.

The greater demons under him have been granted a sort of lichdom. Functionally immortal, when slain in battles they return to a secure location in his kingdom to regenerate, as their soul is separate from their bodies, and must be destroyed separately to insure their final defeat.

He currently holds the most territory of any demon lord.