Calric, The Mindflayer, also known as the enchantress. She is an oddity among demons in that she is the only known demon lord to ever have another demon lord serve her. She commands powerful mind control abilities, unheard of powers of suggestion and hypnosis. Should you look into her eyes, you will be bound to her will for eternity. She can telepathically reach out and implant suggestions into people’s minds without eye contact, though any suggestion made that is significantly against a person’s nature may be detected and resisted in this way.

She appeared one day, seemingly out of nowhere, and strode right into the previous demon lord’s keep. His soldiers, and eventually the demon lord himself, simply stepped aside and gave her the throne.

Thankfully for the other demon lords, she’s remained content with her current territory for millenniums, using war as a playful distraction rather than a serious effort to gain more power. She rarely makes an aggressive move, using her armies to defend against invaders or recapture taken territory. Her kingdom has been dwindling into ruin over time, and yet, she doesn’t lift a finger to change things. Many demons and angels alike fear what would happen if she ever shook herself out of her doldrum, and decided to truly wage war.

She holds the smallest amount of territory of any demon lord.