Kaestro was once a demon lord of unimaginable destructive power. He used psionic power and flame based magic to crush his enemies into the dirt leave them charred corpses. One wave of his hand would ignite armies or send a greater demon crashing through the wall. He used to actively wage wars in bid for territory, crushing the armies of proxus, and leaving them so broken they couldn’t regenerate, and battling the powerful psionics of torgant in single combat.

He led his armies from the front lines in battle. Following him, were powerful demons with magically enhanced strength. They would fight with tooth and claw, breaking bones with a flick of their wrist.

But, this was all in the past. Kaestro no longer holds the throne of his keep, for one day, a lithe young woman walked into his throne room, directly up to him, and asked him to step aside.

Throwing back his head in laughter, he stood up, raised his arm and readied it to smash her into a pulp, and just as he looked down, into her eyes, he lost.

He now unwillingly serves Calric, the mindflayer. He leads her armies as their general, though they see significantly less combat than they used to.