It normally takes great power to open up rifts between dimensions, lesser demons can often only do it at the cost of their own lives, if at all, and it leaves greater demons drained of strength, most can’t do it at all if they’ve been weakened beforehand, making its use as a method of escape very minimal.

However, for one demon, this power came easily. Minra can open rifts with no drain on her stamina. This power alone would have made her worthy of the title demon lord, but she has shown the ability to manipulate the very fabric of dimensions. She’s stretched the void between dimensions to hold her entire kingdom holding it inside of a rift. Though, there are permanent rift entrances to her kingdom scattered around- heavily guarded ones mind you, her forces are all adept at creating their own rifts, and use highly effective hit and run tactics, appearing behind enemy lines through a rift, and then disappearing before a counter attack can be launched.

Minra has shown to have the power to intercept those traveling through the void and pull them into her kingdom, where they can be defeated with ease by her armies. This has left the other demon lords wary of traveling through rifts themselves, using it only in emergencies, because any trip through the void can be their last. Minra rarely spares the effort to intercept lesser demons or avatars.

Many demon lords already worry that she’s simply never realized the true potential of her powers, and that any day now they could find themselves ripped into a million pieces as thousands of rifts open throughout their bodies. There have been very few attempts to attack Minra’s kingdom, as nobody wants to risk angering her until they know they can defeat her definitively.