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    Halo Wars 2 Legendary Guide/ tips and tricks

    Hey guys, so Halo wars 2 is EXTREMELY difficult on legendary, so I've decided to help anyone in need with a series of tips to help you through. I'll be blunt, these may not be the BEST or quickest ways to complete this missions, and on several missions you WILL miss bonus objectives. This guide will not get you a gold star on every mission, it will average you a silver star on most missions. This is how to beat each mission the guaranteed way. There will be lot's of attrition, lots of slogging through inch by inch, and lots of dead marines, but at the end of the day, it'll be done. I'll add more missions to the guide over time. As a general note, skulls DO NOT disable the achievement in any way, so if you're looking for an easier time of things, use them.

    Mission 1: The Signal

    I don't think much needs to be said about this. Drive through the level as you would any other difficulty, you won't die unless you sit there and try to kill things. You won't get many easy missions so enjoy it, but hopefully i've done the hardest part for you here in coming up with the strategies!

    Mission 2: A New Enemy

    Starting with a small force of marines and a spartan, push forward towards the banished camp. Make sure that your spartan tanks the majority of the damage to maximize the number of units that survive. spartan shields regenerate, and this is a tactic i'll employ often. Hornets will come to help clean up mid fight, of course they'll prioritize the buildings first, otherwise it would be too easy. Continue down towards the lightbridge with your force and clear out the garrisoned forces. capture the power node, and clear out the buildings while you wait for your kodiaks to deploy. After crossing the lightbridge, take a sharp left, and clear out the banished supply depot and buildings while the kodiaks wreak havoc. Here, you'll want to let the kodiaks do most of the work,or else your forces can be absolutely annihilated. if you can, garrison your troops, but don't push it if it looks like the enemy will get there first. artillery support is your friend, use it while you can! from here, hug the outside wall of the map, clear out a few more infantry, and start moving around to the south of the banished base. make sure to pick up some early resources from depots on the way, the extra supplies will help.

    Attacking the base, immediately garrison all of your forces pretty much wherever they can go. focus down infantry first, as hornets will come to take care of the base if you take too long. follow all the base building prompts, and when you have control again, build supply pads in all the remaining slots, followed by turrets. Your forces should be able to hold any attacks off, as they're very paltry at this stage, but if you're worried build a few marines to help. After this, we'll be focusing mostly on the bottom part of the map. move out as soon as you're ready and take the lower two generators, make sure to leave a handful (3-5) of units back at home to help your turrets. From here, we're just going to build up a surplus of resources so we can quickly rebuild our entire army if needed. Always better to play it safe. You can keep active by making attacks out from the power generators to destroy banished buildings littering the map. Don't go to their main base quite yet.

    After you've built up a surplus of supplies, rebuild anything you need to, and move back to base. We're actually going to push north now, clearing out the other two generators to set up for our assault on the banished secondary base. Push on the base, but keep in mind, you will attract the attention of all the banished forces, so be prepared for a fight. this may take a few waves of units. A good mix of hellbringers and marines will get the job done. make sure to use your grenades! Once you finally break the base, set up your own base with a similar set up to your first base. The banished may have attacked some of your generators but that's fine. We now have time to go take them back. So do that, moving south. Ignore the force fields for now, as they're actually helpful, the banished doesn't like sending vehicles through them, even though I think they can. Move into the enemy base from the south, making liberal use of garrisons. Take out their outlying structures to slow them down. Now, as you push in on them, we actually DON'T want to destroy their base yet. Destroy their structures, which is easy due to several well placed explosives, now, we're going to hunt down everything on the map. This step is optional, but will give you much more maneuvering room for fighting decimus, and no surprises. Whether or not you do this step, all that will be left is to finish off their base, spawning decimus. I'll be honest, this is a very easy fight. Shoot him with all the guns, you should be able to easily outmaneuver the eradication, which has a very long charge up in this mission, and you should be able to rebuild entire armies at this point. You finished the first mission!

    Mission 3: Ascension

    You start off once again with a small force dropped off via pelican. Luckily, you once again have a spartan with you! This advice should sound familiar, keep him in front, let him take the big hits. your first engagement has you up against a banished wraith, some infantry, and a pair of hunters. keep your warthogs back, and focus the hunters first. After they're down, let your wraith deal with the infantry, while your cyclops swing around to fight the wraith. You can bring up your warthogs as the hunters go down to help with the infantry as well. After everything is mopped up, head down where the hunter was for some quick resources, and then continue along the road to establish your base. While it's building, get nearby resource pickups around your base. Now, we don't have to move out yet, the banished won't actually care about the objectives until you capture one, so we're going to at no point ever even touch one. Build up here until you're maxed out, you should be able to repel any attacks, but build new forces as needed. Turtle hard.

    From here, we'll start moving out and taking out the enemies mini bases and taking them for our own. cyclops, hornets and marines are a pretty good mix. I've found that stationing cyclops in the garrisonable locations around the map make for a solid baseline defense force. After you've taken down the three mini bases, move your units onto the forerunner structure and clear it out. There should be convenient watch towers along all three entrances to the opponents base. Garrison them all with cyclops. At this point, you can ungarrison all your other units, you'll need them and nothing should be getting past. I've found this defense gets the AI caught in an infinite loop of attacking and retreating down the middle path, without dealing any damage. the AI will rebuild any casualties, but it keeps him in check. At this point, you can probably capture and hold the three control points without too much effort, so go ahead and do that if you want to end it quick. If you're like me though, and want to kill EVERYTHING, well... We can now push in along the left path, and clear out a little bit inside the encirclement. Here we can garrison more troops, and build a turret on that side. Clear everything up the base itself, especially any non rebuildable turrets. This may take a wave or two. Now, we'll do the exact same thing on the right path. Sadly, we can't garrison along the cover here, but we can build another turret and take out some more non rebuildable stuff. Now, this has just become a battle of attrition, throwing wave after wave of disposable infantry at the enemy base until it's wiped off the surface of the ark. It's not a pretty victory, but it will eventually go down.

    Mission 4:One three zero

    Alright, now this one is a doozy. The first part of the mission is easy enough, we'll be using exclusively alice, and moving carefully through the entire map, making sure not to over aggro, and waiting for shields to regenerate between encounters to preserve healing. Get all the supplies you can find. After everything is dead, rescue all the prisoners, and head to the last section of the map. Here's where things get challenging. Save here, just in case. I put two cyclops in the left garrisonable structure, and one in the right, while sending my hogs and flamers around to collect resources. Alice should be in between the two structures right now. The first few waves should be easy enough, with only infantry. While alice is fending them off, build a turret in the left and right lanes. Don't bother upgrading them, it's a waste of precious power. Keep an eye on the battle and heal if necessary. Soon there will be a ping on the right side of your map, indicating an attack is coming there. These next two waves will absolute hell, but we're ready. As soon as it pings, that means that there won't be any more infantry from the bottom route, at least for now, so drop some mines along that route. Move alice quickly down the right path, and wait until all the infantry has moved up, as they start attacking your turret, there will be a moment when they're all extremely bunched up. Use spartan slam in the middle of them, and it's possible you'll kill ALL of the grunts with this if timed right. Immediately retreat back to the base and garrison Alice in the right building. The turret will kill a few brutes before falling, and alice will pick off the rest. The two wraiths will hang back until the next wave, which is kind of unfortunate TBH. The next wave will come from the south, consisting of several marauders. Drop archer missiles on them as they're coming down, and hope they run over the mines to help soften them up, and make liberal use of healing for this attack. Use your warthogs if needed, I didn't because I was trying to keep everyone alive, so they're not necessary.

    After this wave, you're basically in the clear. Two more wraiths will follow along the south path, followed by a few waves of hunters coming from the left. The turret, plus alice should be enough to fend them off. The final nasty wave will be waves of jetpack brutes. Keep your infantry away from them, They'll stun alice and outright kill your flamers. Make them waste their jump on the garrison structures, and then drop everything you have on them.

    Mission 5: The cartographer

    Actually a very easy mission, because most of the map won't reveal itself until you destroy the first objective. This gives you ample time to build up your base. Start with two front turrets to help ward off banshees. After you're maxed out in every conceivable way, destroy the first objective and open the rest of the map. We'll start by clearing off the two nearby platforms. We don't have to really worry about destroying the objectives, just killing the units here, as they won't be rebuilt. Rebuild any lost forces, and push forwards to the final objective. There will be a sparsley defended base Here protecting it, destroy it without mercy. Now at the objective, spread off to either side and take the smaller mini bases bases out. The first one should be no problem, but the second one will probably build up a sizable army by the time you get to it, it may take a few waves. Take both mini bases and make them resource production, then, take out the three objectives and run back to base. This will be the most annoying part of the mission, with lots of sentinels to defeat. Make your turrets anti air if they aren't already, and then start moving down the path. Every wave of sentinals you trigger, will also trigger an attack on your base. At this point, for every unit you lose, just replace it with a wolverine. Leave a handful at base to defend, and push up with the rest until you reach the cartographer.

    Mission 6: Lights out

    Relatively easy. Keep your spartan/wraith up front for tanking purposes, and slowly clear everything in the initial area group by group. Make sure to collect as many resources as you can and free the prisoners. Once your attention is brought to the portal, kill it as quickly as you can, or it will start to spawn in some nasty foes, including a warlord. After going through the portal, there will be a few reavers. kill them to get hornet reinforcements. Turning the corner will trigger another portal, so be ready to move fast. Take it down before it can spawn in too much. Now, things will get significantly easier. You'll get a base, and the bombardment zone will actually help you greatly, as it means nothing will really attack you except a few scattered banshees. So tech up, max out everything, you know the drill by now. After you've gathered a sizable army, move through the portal, leaving some anti-air turrets at your base. You should be able to finish off the units around the LZ with your army, but if you can't don't worry, you have as much time as you need. Literally.

    Triggering the lightbridge will cause the next portal to activate. Take it down as priority one, and then start clearing out the troops and mini bases. These mini bases are a nice income boost. You don't need to bother destroying the shield generators, you're not leaving out the main gate. you can station some infantry in the towers just to keep everything down here safe.

    Going through the portal will give you access to a second base. Grab it, and at this point you can destroy your old barracks/airpad/factory/whatever and build new ones here. Once your base is set up with some turrets, take a southern turn and take some time to free the prisoners. You don't have to, but at this point, it's kind of a "why not?" thing.

    Gather your army and push towards the northern tip of the map to reveal a banished base, AND the fourth portal. The portal is off to your left, but don't be fooled, the control node is actually behind the banished base. You can follow the wire to find it. Destroy it before they can teleport in infinite reinforcements, and then deal with any banished forces in the area. You have a lot of room for error here, as even if the banished wipe out your army and destroy your second base (which they didn't come close to doing for me) they'll never really attack your main base en masse. Once the banished base is down, we face off again with decimus.

    Here I'd recommend letting all your units attack him, and spending most of your time at base building reinforcements to send to the fight. Every time you hear his eradication speech, move your units away so they don't get slaughtered. Eventually, some engineers should come and heal him, it's honestly not a big deal even if they get him up to full before you can deal with the engineers, he won't repeat any of his eradicator health milestones. make liberal use of the turrets they're fantastic distractions and a solid damage dealer, and decimus will eventually go down.

    Mission 7: From The Deep

    Now this mission is EXTREMELY difficult. Which is why we're going to "trick" it into being easy. Your first objective will have you fighting on a beach, with the aim to destroy the first attack wave HOWEVER, we're not going to do that, because the other attack waves won't actually spawn until this one is completely destroyed. What we're trying to do is have our southern front collapse, but all of our northern soldiers stay strong and kill everything. IDEALLY what will happen here is that there will be one or two enemy units left over on the south side. By the time they kill off your southern units you NEED to destroy all northern forces, while keeping AI (yellow) forces alive. This will cause the enemy units to have the "kill everything on the beach" command, but it won't be able to SEE anything else on the beach, so it will stay motionless to the south. This may take a few attempts to get right.

    Once you do, you will have as much time as you need to max out everything, build turrets everywhere, and build an army. I would recommend anti-infantry turrets on the right side of the map, anti-air on the top, and anti vehicle on the left, but don't build the left turrets just yet, just in case one of the turret slots is within line of sight of the enemies. I had 5 gauss hogs and a nightingale on the right side of the map, and then a large force of gauss warthogs, ~4 scorpions, and a few nightingales patrolling between the left and top sides. After a few waves, they'll come from multiple directions, and you can split up your bigger patrol a little bit to help deal with the pressure. You should have a fairly easy time of it. You can always save just before you wipe out wave 1 on the beach, but after you're fully upgraded to be safe.

    Eventually a scarab will appear, and be completely underwhelming in the face of such a massive force. I have no doubt that this thing is terrifying if you play the mission the normal way, and are barely holding together against waves of attacks. Kill it and victory is yours!

    Mission 8: Hold the Line

    Now this mission is hard, and requires a lot of initial speed. Start up a practice run, and send your troops around the map to get a feel for where all the resources are, as well as the three mini bases and neutral generators. After you're reasonably satisfied with your knowledge, start up the real attempt.

    IMMEDIATELY start construction of a generator and supply depots at your main base, while sending out your infantry units to pick up all the supplies and capture all the neutral generators. After everything is constructed, focus on upgrading your resource gathering structures, and building new resource generators at the top two minibases. Start building turrets along the northern route and upgrade them all to anti-infantry when you can, before the first attack waves launch. All this is done within the first two minutes or so of the game. Again, be fast. As the enemies are spawning, send all of your troops up to the middle mini-base area. This forerunner structure will be your main defense point. All this buildings should be anti-infantry, except the bottom one or two, which can be anti-vehicle. You can also make the turrets next to each barricade anti-vehicle.

    Build an air depot at the bottom left of the map, and build hornets like your life is depending on it, because it actually is. Ideally, you'll want to get a few rounds of hornets out before the first vehicle wave, but it will most likely be close, and you may lose a large amount of your units fending it off. the "deploy turret" hero power is VERY effective at holding back vehicles at a choke point, because they will focus on the turret and not the barricades. Continue building hornets, and upgrading them when you're out of supply, until you reach critical mass. Send some hornets to the middle mini base to fend off attacks from the north and north east, and let the rest hover around your main base. You can use these to defend against attacks from the east, and eventually banshees will come from the north, which these guys can fight. Now, just Outlast the timer. You should be more or less stabilized and can slow things down a notch now. Some other things to watch out for:

    Jump pack brutes. There will be waves of them every now and then from the north to attack your central mini-base and activate a lightbridge, do not let them do this or it's probably game over. Another group will attack from the east and attack your main base/ area turrets. Later on, Locusts will also attack via the same eastern path. I recommend building seige turrets to help with both of these, along with using your hornets.

    Hunters will occasionally attack your northern minibase, so be ready with a rapid response team to deal with them before they wipe it out. When there's under 10 minutes left, hunters will occasionally be flown in BETWEEN the two western barricades, so watch out for that as well, most of your turrets will miss them.

    Mission 9 Under The dark:

    Well, fuck everything about this mission. The first half is relatively easy. Move slowly with your snipers, clearing out mines and making sure not to over aggro. Once you meet up with jerome, clear out the top ridge and use it to shoot down on all the hunters. After your kodiaks are deployed and your base gets dropped down, go down to the lower level and push forward to the neutral watch tower. Deploy 2 snipers inside, and have your other sniper and jerome hold down below. Use healing as necessary as you build up resources/an army. you'll only have one supply pad, so this may take awhile. If you haven't already, capture the two neutral generators to get power, they'll be surrounded by mines though, so bring a sniper. After raising a substanial army, our first step is actually to the corner of the map to kill the brute chieftain here. Not strictly necessary, but I'm always a bit squeamish about leaving enemy forces behind my lines. build up an army, and push on towards the enemy base. You only have to push through enough of their forces to reach the garrisonable structures and get some units inside. This will basically guarantee that they will live long enough for your kodiaks to take out their base. After that, it's just mopping up until you can get jerome to the end of the area.

    After that, your view switches to alice, and here's where the real "fun" begins. Destroy any unit producing structures alice has, and switch them over to supply pads. Use the kodiaks to destroy the shield generator and move out a little bit with alice and the snipers to capture the neutral generator. Destroy the nearby buildings, and then position them so alice is up front with the snipers back towards the base a bit. Deploy the kodiaks to cover them as well. Now, walk away from your xbox for an hour or two hours generating resources, coming back every now and then to make sure your xbox doesn't turn off. You'll probably need them all, as this next section is about as fun as trying to break down a brick wall by smashing it with your face.

    After you've completed however long you were willing to wait's worth of resource generation, SAVE, for the love of god, don't want to lose those hours, Upgrade everything, build an army, I recommend snipers and marines and begin clearing the map. The left path, which I recommend taking first, will only have a scattering of infantry around, which can be dealt with via a handful of snipers. You can get up to the first deployment zone, but don't bother losing a kodiak deploying it now. Go back to your base and meet up with the rest of your forces, and then move up the right path. This path will have turret defenses, and a second warlord. Take them out, you may need multiple waves.

    This is probably where you'll start to notice the main problem with this mission, the banished has ridiculously OP hero powers which he can spam. He has 2 glassing beams with a ~1 minute cooldown, an eradication on a ~5 minute cooldown, 2 siphoning fields on a ~3 minute cooldown, and 2 mine drops on a ~1 minute cooldown. One glassing beam can usually wipe out your army. The AI will target large clusters of units, but you won't be able to make large progress without large clusters of units. See the problem? Anyways, after you clear out the warlord, push up to where the two paths connect. A small banished controlled mini-base will be here. take it and move your unit building structures up. Now, there are two ways to do this next part, the way I did it, and an untested way recommended to me that I haven't tested yet.

    The first way, is to repeatedly send hundreds of infantry units forward to attack, gaining ground by the inch for each wave, use archer missiles to deter any banished attack waves, and turrets for both defense and offense depending on where they're most needed. Eventually, you can push up past a pair of turrets and take another mini base, allowing you to build more units close the front line. The banished will move AROUND your new base, going along the route where the second deployment spot is, so watch out for that. Eventually you can push them up to the gate, and slowly kill off non rebuildable units, like the final warlord by their base on the other side of the gate, their shroud, and their turrets along the path. Eventually they'll be worn down enough to destroy their base, and you can deploy your kodiaks without worry. This is a battle of attrition, and will take 1+ hours of constant fightings, and hundreds of marine deaths due to space lazers.

    The second recommended way, is to get a critical mass of kodiaks with a few disposable snipers up front, using the snipers to find targets for the kodiaks to destroy from afar. In theory this should work well. I haven't personally tested it yet, as I was going for a "no kodiaks destroyed" objective and I didn't want to build more kodiaks on that run. I would recommend saving around the time you take the first mini base and testing this way out first, if it doesn't work, well, hitting your head on the brick wall will work eventually.

    Mission 10: The Foundry

    This will be a hectic mission. You'll start with only a small force on a quest to take over a scarab. Make sure your spartans tank most of the damage here. It will be tempting to hijack some blisterbacks, but i'd recommend not doing it, as it'll mean your spartans will be targets less. The last engagement of the area has you fighting an honour guard, and you'll probably lose almost all of your forces here, but all you have to do is kill the guard and the two reavers, and then the blisterbacks will despawn! here you can feel free to hijack blisterbacks just to get them off of you. Once everything is down, you'll have a scarab! This thing is powerful, but won't have much support here.

    I'd recommend putting all of your forces in front of the scarab as a buffer, letting it shoot from the back. You'll have to fight through a few waves of banished, followed by a massive rock wall. Then, you'll be able to drop in a base. Immediately start building only supply pads and generators. For units, we will build only marines, and later on nightingales. Start upgrades to get combat tech ASAP. The passive healing on your no doubt battered scarab will be a life saver. Use a healing power if you need to, the scarab MUST live.

    After you've built up a bare minimum force and healed the scarab up to at least half, head to the south west, and break through another wall. In this area there will be a few enemies and a minibase to take. Take it and use it for supplies. As more forces trickle in during this time, gather your forces and begin moving north. There should be a barrier of explosives, which you can take down, and then a banished base. This will be your main base after this engagement. Use your marines as shields for the scarab, and fight through all the banished forces in the area before you start working down the base. Feel free to retreat if things get too hairy. After the base goes down, have your infantry secure the area while your scarab breaks the wall to the south east, opening up access between your two bases. Build up the new base with supply depots in every slot except two, one of which we'll build an airpad on. Build it either first or last, depending on how many spare resources you have around. From here, we'll build a stream of nightingales to heal our scarab constantly. Make sure to keep producing marines as well, we'll need them. Our second open slot will have a barracks. use this to upgrade your infantry level to the max. (After you do, you can replace it with a supply pad.)

    After your scarab is back up to full, start pushing northeast, your objective is to take down another minibase across the way. taking this out will prevent the banished from hitting you from behind, which you'll be thankful for soon. The area will be lousy with locusts and banshees, so keep those marines around to take out the air while your scarab breaks down the vehicles. Take out the minibases, and the smaller individual buildings, which can produce units here! Build supply pads on the minibase, and then head back to the wide open area in between your base and the minibase. Across this open area will be the banished fortress. Move all your forces in as soon as your scarab is repaired, and now this will be a long fight. Make sure to keep a CONSTANT stream of marines and nightingales into the fight, with priority on marines, and fall back if your scarab is taking too much damage. There will be multiple waves of blisterbacks, banshees, and infantry, prioritize the banshees and blisterbacks, the infantry are negligible for the most part. You'll probably be running a bit low on time, so save, and push on the base. More waves will spawn as you do so, and you'll need to strike a good balance of attacking the base and fending off enemies. Prioritize the enemies for the most part, as they can quickly become overwhelming. MAKE SURE THE SCARAB LIVES. if it dies the mission will fail. Feel free to retreat, rebuild, and try again. Infantry should focus down the banshees, and you can use the scarab to help with blisterbacks. Eventually, the base will go down, and the mission will be over!

    Mission 11: The Halo

    This mission is borderline impossible, so we're going to trick it again, in a similar way to "from the deep". Hold off the banished to the best of your abilities, try to keep at least some forces alive. When the retriever sentinel comes, let it kill of your allies, and lure it back down the way it came with your forces. Once it kills off your forces, it should stay there, forgetting about your base. Use this opportunity to research everything, build up, make a massive army, and stockpile any resources you want to. When you're confident in what you have, kill the sentinel and begin the rest of the mission.

    Here there will be 3 control points you'll have to hold. Ignore A for now, I know it's tempting, just sitting there, but there's more important things to be done. Send your army north, we need to rescue bravo base fast! It shouldn't be too difficult with your army at the ready. Spend some times to build up some turrets/supply depots at bravo base, and move east, all the way to C. At this point, any troops that you lose should be rebuilt at your normal base and should wait there. Once you've reached C, put douglas and jerome in the two garrisonable structures, and leave Alice on her own. Capture the point, and move your army just to the east of C, and take out the banished minibase there. then, back towards B. Watch out for that retriever sentinel... he can hurt your army bad. Clear out any banished at B, and capture it. Now, with any troops at your home base, you can push and capture A. A will be reinforced from your home base, and B from bravo base. The hard parts over now.

    Now, defending shouldn't be too difficult. C is the easiest to defend, you just have to micro alice occasionally, spartan slamming attackers, and when the sentinel comes by, have her run to the mini-base. It should leave your other two spartans more or less alone. Have her come back when it leaves.

    A should also be easy to defend. You can reinforce it from home very quickly, and you don't have to worry about the sentinel at all. It will ignore this point.

    B is also easy, but you have to pay attention to it! The sentinel will pass right by this point, and when it does, you'll have to pull your army there up to the northern edge of the map to hide them. When it passes, put them back on top of the point.

    Use your leader powers wisely, and you should be able to win this!

    Mission 12: The Last Stand

    Actually a surprisingly easy final mission. You'll have to defend 4 points from enemy attackers, but you'll have infinite leader powers and will be reinforced every so often from the spirit of fire.

    the Northern two entrances will have two turrets each. Make sure to make one anti-infantry (the one closest to the outside) and one anti-vehicle (the one closest to the inside). The southern entrances will have one turret each, I'd recommend anti-vehicle turrets. place a spartan (doesn't matter which) on the right garrisonable structure on the north-western side. Place another on the left garrisonable structure on the north-eastern side. Put your final spartan on the right garrisonable structure on the south-eastern side. All the remaining low ground garrisonable structures should be hellbringers, and the high ground ones should be marines. Split your remaining forces 3 ways, evenly divided between the north east/west, and south east sides. Keep them behind your spartans so that they can tank the brunt of the enemies damage.

    For the south west side, we'll be reinforcing it with ODSTS at every available opportunity. Soon, you'll learn of two brute chieftains, you can defeat them relatively easily by spamming all available leader powers on them while attacking, you should be able to divert your Southern force on either side long enough to do so. I don't know if killing them or not has any effect, so feel free to ignore them if you want. It's quite easy to kill them though with a close air support.

    Divide up reinforcements wherever they're needed most. This will change on a game to game basis, so I can't offer too much help. Try to make sure each side gets a nightingale, and keep them alive by pulling them back to another nightingale to heal if needed. Use leader powers if necessary to hold back attack waves. Save every so often.

    There's only 3 major parts to look out for, The first is the first scarab, where you'll get the condor. The condor should be able to defeat it, but use your north-western army for support, as well as any leader powers you have up. After it goes down, keep it back to heal for awhile, and then send it to your weakest side.

    the second will be waves of banshees. These will pass by your normal defenses, so at this point, assuming your south-west side is reasonable secure, start putting ODSTS around the core/control room itself to protect it, and you can use your condor to help as well, or pull some forces back from an entrance, just make sure to put them back.

    The third will be the triple scarab finale. At this point, you should have a sizable force leftover, to the point where you can just kind of ignore them and run out the clock. if you want to kill them, Use your north eastern force to take on the right most scarab, your north western force to take out the left most scarab, and use your condor to help the left side. By the time the left scarab goes down, the middle scarab should be arriving, use all your leader powers on it. It should go down, and your right side should be dealing with things around that time as well.

    Congratulations! you've now beaten halo wars 2 on legendary. It was one hell of a ride.
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    Halo Wars 2 Legendary Guide/ tips and tricks

    This must have been so much trial and error haha.
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    Re: Halo Wars 2 Legendary Guide/ tips and tricks

    Man I have troubles on Normal. I'm not sure I ever want to do Legendary lol.

    Bravo for writing this up, silver!
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    Re: Halo Wars 2 Legendary Guide/ tips and tricks

    Guide finished with the last 3 missions.

    Quote Originally Posted by NervyDestroyer View Post
    This must have been so much trial and error haha.
    Not as much as you might think. The AI is very stupid and exploitable for the most part, and a lot of the time you can just turtle up until you're maxed out.
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