Years have gone by since the war between the two giants, the Empire and the Brotherhood. It's been years since I put on my uniform and venture across the base viewing other soldiers at their duty. Soldiers modifying vehicles, weapons, carriers, bases, and constructing weapons of mass destruction. We were preparing for the next battle. Our battle against the Brotherhood lasted for years. We won some and lost some, but we kept improving and so did the enemy. We faced many battles, not only against the Brotherhood but other lifeforms out there in the galaxy. For example, we encountered Promethean vessels and the Flood. We lost many men and Spartans in those battles. Friends I made, I eventually lost in the war. Frank was my best friend and lived under the rule of the Emperor. He worshiped the Emperor and fought for him. He wanted to become the Emperor's right hand, his shield, his sword. I wanted to help his dream come true, so I joined the ranks. At the battle of Jericho, Frank sacrificed his life to save thousands of soldiers and me from a Brotherhood Infinity-class vessel. I lost a great friend that day. I fought for his dreams, his truth, his love. I felt broken, lost... I couldn't move anymore. I was cold as ice. I didn't know what I wanted to do anymore. After that day, I changed. I joined R.E.D.D and became a Spartan IV. I carry the burden of my best friend and wanted to keep his dream alive. That is why I made his dream mine. I know it may sound stupid, but I had nothing for me in my life until I met Frank. He traveled the highest mountain with me and destroyed walls. He helped me see the life I was living in and help me rebuild it piece by piece. That is why I want to carry his burden, his dreams. I will fight for him, the Emperor, and the Empire.

As the years go by, I have felt the pain of losing soldiers in battle, my best friend, and my team. My squad leader Brandon always told me that only the strongest will survive. He stood true to that ideal, yet he lost his life in battle. Now I'm the only man alive and well. Sitting on my porch typing this log. I've seen the Empire at its finest and gradually falling to its end. I can truly say this wasn't war. This was pointless war with no winners. I hate war to the deepest depth of my heart. To see this war come to a close and no victor coming out has pissed me off. Though, I am glad that Frank didn't see this through. He would have been disappointed and hurt. He fought for a man who didn't care for his life. He fought for an army whose ideas and goals were false. It would have been best to fight for the Brotherhood than the Empire. These years started as the best and it became the worst. Frank may your soul rest peacefully.

It's been such a long time since I've written anything except essays and papers. Not my best work or the worst, but it's going to become a story eventually.