February 27, 2633
Classified location, Earth
CELL Division

"Margaret, what the status on PROTO?" asked a masked man in a black and white scientist uniform.

"We're still modifying the CEIR's and the K-9 units processors and weaponry. The CEIR production should be finalized and finished in three days tops, and the K-9 infantry unit should be ready for release tomorrow afternoon." replied a blonde short hair woman dressed the same as the masked man.

"Good, we're still on schedule. Inform the Emperor that the supplies will arrive Friday, March 3, 2633. Their weaponry and vehicles are up to date and modified with the latest CELL technology."

"What about Atlas?"

"Atlas is still under intense production. She's not authorized to leave this facility until all tests are finalized by me and the rest of the team. Other than that, she stays here and she'll abide by our rules. "

"Understood. What we will do about the captured BLUE soldiers?"

"What else what we do to them? I'll perform a special project of my own on them. They'll be apart of my greatest creation, the PROTO project. If all else fails, we'll find more soldiers or may jump into option two."

"Option two, sir?"

"It's simple, we'll use children as they did for the SPARTAN program. Children will be a great liability to CELL and would be useful for the front-lines. Imagine it, Margaret. An advanced modified child soldier that can move and think like a SPARTAN. However, the project comes out of the industry pockets. The Emperor has yet to approve of these plans. That is why we're sticking to simple plans and modifying the K-9's and the CEIR's. Eventually, the Emperor will notice that this isn't enough and approve my next plans to benefit the Empire."

The masked man is known as the CELL Director Melvin Sparrow. He and few young adults founded the first CELL in 2608, and it was named CEL. They built drones, programs, and illegally sold military information to small rebel and covenant factions. Word got around in 2611 to the Empire about such marketing, so the Field Marshall assigned a security team to seize and detain CEL. CEL was then brought into the Imperial Court where they met the injustice of the High Council and a death sentence. However, the Emperor intervene with the High Council sentence and offered a job opportunity to CEL. The job opportunity was to personally work for the Emperor under a specialized technology division. Currency would be provided weekly with a pay of $20,000 per day. Melvin and his team gracefully accepted the Emperor's offer and went to work the next day.

On June 6, 2611, Melvin changed the name from CEL to CELL. By then, the team was given several tasks from the Emperor to construct modified weapons and vehicles. That's when they built the first SI (Self-identified) weapon on 2612. The SI was specially modified Imperial weapons that were used by identified Imperial soldiers. The soldiers had to get fingerprint scans and register into the Imperial CELL system. Once done the scans would imprint on a small chip implanted in the weapons. When a soldier places his hand on a rifle, the rifle will identify him/her as a registered user. As a failsafe, CELL coded a special program in the chip to where if a non-imperial soldier were to use the weapon, the weapon will emit a powerful shock to immobilize the user.

The CELL Division didn't stop there. It grew at a fast rate and produced more tech than the average imperial tech division. CELL became the number one division of the Imperial Army on May 27, 2622. Expanded from a team of five individuals to three hundred. Eventually, the Emperor feared the division would betray him and create its own faction. In order to prevent this, he placed IONI soldiers in their ranks to report any suspicious behavior to the Emperor. Unfortunately, Melvin knew of the Emperor's overwatch plan due to having CELL AI's secretly implanted in IONI database. The AI's kept track of the Emperor and his council ever move, documents, and battle plans. At this point, it seems Melvin is the one in control and the Emperor is his puppet.

All in all, the CELL Division was not a mere tech division, but a powerhouse of the future greatest technology. It will later become stronger than the Empire and before a threat to the Brotherhood. Melvin first started as a simple engineer who wanted to make money off his technology and now he controlling the Empire most devasting weaponry by the wire. That is why he constructed the PROTO project to make a small military force of his own. PROTO would be one of the greatest projects in history to date. It will cause creation and destruction of life, but the purpose is to adapt and evolve.

"The Forerunners were gods and we challenged them. The Covenant was a ruthless military that crippled the UNSC and we defeated them along with the Flood. Destroyed a Halo and damaged the Array. Then came the separation of the UNSC and two giants were born, the glorious Empire and the rebellious Brotherhood. What will happen next? War after war... it never ends. It's all a repeat of history. The human race will die out and who will become the new dangerous animal? How do we prevent this? It's simple as pie... we evolve. "