What is going on everyone.

For those that don't know me, I joined FC MANY years ago and fought on both sides of the field. From simple grunt work to High Command. I can write more about what I have done, but frankly you and I really don't care about that (if you do, message me and I guess I can tell you?).

Probably been over a year since I last was on the website and probably 2 years since I last fought in a war. However, when I first joined this community, it was a great place to come hang out and make some friends (and enemies.... I'm looking at you Silko [Just kidding, I respect the guy now]).

First thing I see when logging in was "Wars Suspended". My money is on the lack of participation and balancing issues. First of all, to you new members, this happens time to time. It becomes less of an issue the more we recruit. When I was fighting in the wars, I can remember 3 different times the community went silent for a short period of time to fix this issue. Including "Operation Fire Storm"....

VerbotenDonkey sent me an XBL message less than an hour ago seeing if I was interested in returning.

Well, my answer is both "Yes" and "No".

I'v been working on weekends for the past several years and up until last year, I got a promotion to manager at my job. Which comes with closing the store down every weekend. So, can I participate in the Wars? No.

However, during the week, I'm a little more open. During this time period, I can help with things on the website, recruiting, bootcamps and sit-ins on meetings.

The biggest thing I have noticed that splits this community is "Skill Level". Look, this has ALWAYS been an issue and will ALWAYS be an issue. Although this community is a "War-Sim", it doesn't mean we need every Pro Halo Gamer to play. I'v met and played with many Pro Gamers inside and outside this community. However, with every Pro Gamer, comes with high competitiveness. Making Average Joe on the other side feel way overwhelmed when up to 3 times a night (if not more) he has to play the same Pro Team and get demolished. We need to focus on finding players that have fun and enjoy the game of Halo. We all want to play with each other to the point that right at the end of the game, everyone is saying "Good Game" and cracking some jokes with each other. We need to go back to that.

Also, have we ever though about instead of REDD/BLUE Officers doing Bootcamp, we have the Vets do it? The Vets work with each other to implement all the rules and regulations to our community. The Vets are the longest ones here and have been through the most. Why not trust them (us) to help set the staging point for the community?

Just my 2 cents.... I'll be appearing a little more often here, so feel free to message me if you have any questions.