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    The Lonely Traveler

    A random voice appeared in your head, "Hello,'s been a while." The voice sounded close to a woman you appear; though you memory is fuzzy. When you open your eyes, you see yourself in a pod with barely any space and a glass window infront of you. The glass seems to be frozen and you try to wipe the frost off, yet it doesn't come off.

    The voice appeared again, "Oh sorry director...I'll take care of this for you." Sensors sounded in the pod and heat emits from a pipe unto the glass. The glass started to defrost and your eye's slowly blurred. When everything was clear, you vision came to and you see other pods around your's. You move your body around and noticed a 'release' hatch switch above your head. You pull the handle down.

    Pssssssssss. Pressure is escaping the pod door, and the glass opens in an upward vertical motion. You struggled to step out the pod and instantly, you drop the metal floor below you. You become dizzy and vision faded in and out. You try to recover by standing back up, but you fell back to the floor. You began to vomit again and again. A pool of vomit laid before you. The moment you tried to stand back up, a loud thud knocked you back down to the floor.

    "What...what the hell was that?", you struggled to talk, hoping to hear a response. "Oh, I'm sorry director. That was me restarting the engines.", the female voice appeared once more. As you stand, your rested your arms on a holo-deck. There a green ball transmitted and spoke, "Sorry for waking you at a later notice Director. " You placed your hands on a keyboard and began typing. You were logging into the ship's mainframe and catching up on any news from the outside world. Though as you tried logging in, the system kept denying access. You kept trying and trying, but the system would not let you in.

    "Gamma, what's the meaning of this?", you asked concerned. "I've been meaning to tell you director, but I didn't want to wake you until the time was right. I guess now is the time.", responded Gamma.

    "You have been in cryogenic sleep for 10 years director. I've lost contact with the Imperial Forces 7 years ago, and we've been stranded in the outer colony since then. I shut myself down until it was time to wake you, and now here you are! Although, some of the crew didn't make the long journey with you. Sergeant Hayes and Mays, Corporal Dickson, Yui, Connor, Jackson, Vickson, Charlow, Tucker, Uran, and Gunnery Sergeant Li. They all didn't make it."

    You try to come to realization that you have been stuck in cryogenic sleep for 10 years and half of our crew is dead. You rush to the center console of the bridge and typed in security numbers AZ4-GUNNY. The code gave access to the ship mainframe, and you unlocked the windows shutters of the ship. When the shutters opened, you noticed pieces of you ship in wreckage. Guns were offline, massive hull damage, and floating debris around the front of the ship. You begin to freak out and lose your mind.

    "Why the hell didn't wake me earlier Gamma?! Why didn't you wake the crew?! We should have reached back to base 60 years ago. How did we get off track?". Gamma immediately responds, "Because we were under attack, and I had no choose but to make a random jump outside the colonies. We've been floating adrift in space since that jump."

    "I can't believe where are we on the map?!" you asked in anger. "Unknown Director, but I may have found a habitable world where we can rethink this situation."

    "What do you in mean?"

    "Ever since, the battle between the Empire and Brotherhood, the ship received a distress signal on a near planet. Though it would seem that this isn't a normal planet director."

    "Pull it up on the holo-map."

    Gamma enlarges a large metal-like planet with a corridor near the center. The planet is surrounded by ship debris and structures that seemed to be abandoned. The distress beacon appears on the map, and you focus the view by pinching your fingers and quickly releasing them. The image zooms in on the beacon and the signal is coming from inside the metal planet.

    "It's a Imperial distress beacon sir. We may have found the others after all."

    "You're probably right Gamma, but to be sure, we need to send what this planet is. "

    "Understood Director. Setting course to mysterious planet and increasing speed."

    "Also, Gamma how is the war going?"

    "The war....the war has been on a cease-fire since Operation Yankee. Approximately 7 years ago to this day. This the year 2620. We lost contact with command 10 years ago, and now we flying blind in space. Our only hope is to investigate the distress beacon, fixing the ship, and contacting command."

    "I pray that you're right Gamma."
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