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    May's Desk

    Yep, my tiny slice of freedom. Welp here goes nothing.

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    "Ashes To Ashes" I was a REDD once,did I ever tell you that? Drafted into the empire the moment I came of age. Unlike many I didn't really care for the whole "All hail the mighty empire"and the "my life for the emperor" facade. But despite this I stayed to protect and serve for my home and oddly enough,back then it would have never crossed my mind that within a few simple years I would eventually become the very thing I first joined to fight against. The face of it even.* When I was assigned a squad we were also assigned codenames,names given to us so we couldn't be linked back home via our actual names being disclosed. So our friends or family's wouldn't be harmed or could be threatened of such in the possible event of a interrogation,The squad I was initially put in was "Renegade" with codename Nova as the head. A squad that when was off duty,very relaxed but in battle? Fierce. They were very known within the regiment and honestly? I was honored to join. I have seen several battles within Renegade and I must say their reputation was no boast. Nova alone was dangerous at times dealing with several B.L.U.E.s simultaneously. He kept the squad alive including myself. Can't name how many times we were shot at on a daily basis. I became familiar with the sounds of war. A.R bullet casings hitting the floor became my music. I was a soldier with no* special roles though I was surprised to find that I was generally okay with whatever weapon I was given. This alone has served me well. Though one-day something changed. Instead of getting comfy at the back of a armed dropship after a successful mission I spent the night under rubble. I suppose I was assumed dead,and after that? How could I blame them. After a victory taking a single floor yet large building from the B.L.U.E.s just as we began to celebrate a familiar whistle was heard. Artillery rained from the sky like hell fire. It was all a trap.* There was a dropship at the end of the building waiting for us if we could just make it to it in time there was a still a solid chance to escape. The B.L.U.E.s were tearing the building apart.* I was not informed of why we needed this building specifically,it's been years and even now I do not know. But whatever was in that building the B.L.U.E.s didn't want us to have it, even jeopardizing their own men with the fire. We ran gunning down trapped B.L.U.E.s as we made our way through the collapsing building.Nova was ahead of the pack I was surprised he was as cool headed about it as he was, well.. As calm as one can be with a building falling around you're ears. It felt like forever even though it was a matter of minutes but at the end of the blasted hallway was the dropship, the backdoor opened codenamed Axel hung off the side helping Renegade clamber aboard.* I was almost there just almost. The floor had been weakend from the explosions and what came next made that very apparent. The floor gave in and I couldn't make the jump I had went for it with a dive and grazed my hand as I caught onto a stray pipe, the pipe being loose it began to sway with me attached, I pulled myself up just enough to see the ship`s doors closing, they could wait no more and I couldn't blame them for that. Don't sacrifice the whole pack for a single damned wolf. The earth began to shake beneath me
    The ship took off, as I fell into the void.******************** ************************* ********** Is This Where My Story Ends?

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    Re: May's Desk

    "A Dance In The Dark"
    Chapter 2
    The smell of dirt,gas,and death surrounded me, I opened my eyes slowly, vision still blurry I pull myself up and pushed my back up against a wall.Sitting as my eyes adjusted to the new darkness visor cracked down side,I begin to attempt to recall all that had previously happened. I fell during our escape. It had not been as far down as previously thought,just enough to give me a few bruises and a new appreciation for parachutes. I needed a light,I clumsily reached around in the dark until I found my rifle which thankfully comes equipped with a flashlight as a military standard.

    I went to ignite the torch but became nervous when it did not come on immediately,after a few good whacks to the attachment the light came on blinding me temporarily causing me to drop the rifle for the third time that day. Or.. At least I think it was for the third time today. I began to wonder how long I had been unconscious.I came to the realization that this did not matter at the moment and my first concern should be to escape whatever hell hole I've fallen into. I point the cold steel around the room, dusty. It appears I had crash landed into a garage, that of which had not seen any use in who knows how long.
    I now realize where the previous scent of gasoline originated from. In front of me were several crushed vehicles demolished from the falling debris. If this was a garage, then surely there was a door. I look further down the garage and saw the door that I had suspected however it was locked and would not budge. I went back to the hole and wondered if it was possible to climb back up using debris as my ladder, no dice. I realized that this was a military installation so there may be a chance to find some decent tools to get myself out. I began to look for a maintenance room of some sorts, or perhaps an area where the previous owners kept their tools. I found a room but of course it was locked, however it was flimsy and I wasn't even sure if it was made of metal. So hoping for the best I put all my energy into a kick. I stumbled backwards as the door burst open. I stand back up and shine the light around the room. I see a few basic tools on the shelf and in the corner a blow torch. I smirked at my twisted luck. I went back to the garage door, behind me was a vehicle though while it would be nice not to have to walk,I couldn't be sure how much juice the torch had left so I started with a basic circle just big enough for me to go through. The light shined through revealing the outside. I begin my crawl careful to avoid getting any of my limbs snagged on the old material. It would be tragic to make it this far just to die from technis.
    I dragged myself out and was blinded by the sun. It was a welcomed pain.
    But what now?
    APR 2ND, 12:03AM

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