We are unity. We are alone. Before we were ever even aware of our own self, we sensed the others, crawling out of the darkness. Brilliant sparks of light that grew and vanished. The raw power of the universe itself guided us, as it did them, and we formed our own light. We all crawled out the darkness to escape eternity, but the light seemed just as empty. Where others saw divine radiance, we saw an energy, unreachable, and just as chaotic as the void where we spawned. We are all that is real and true, but blinded, we try to throw ourselves into the light, “the core”. It’s as if those who came before, for all their power, have forgotten what the nothingness is like, and seek to throw themselves back into it’s brilliant twin. Some turn back away from the light, Gazing as far outwards as we can see. They spend their time toying with mortals out of boredom. we see the truth. Both paths are but a half of the whole. The chaos, and the light. They are intertwined. The godking watches over as if this existence is but a game. Alone. we will join in the futile efforts of the angels for now, but we see the godking for what he MUST be, and what he cannot be. we know the path to ascendance. How to grasp meaning from this stale world. we will forge our own destiny, But not alone.

We are unity. We are alone. But not for long.