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    Re: Where are they now?

    Quote Originally Posted by zZ Dr K Zz View Post
    Could be! Congratulations!
    Lets be each other's best mans?
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    Re: Where are they now?

    Quote Originally Posted by VerbotenDonkey View Post
    Lets be each other's best mans?
    We've always been best mans
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    Re: Where are they now?

    Quote Originally Posted by zZ Dr K Zz View Post
    Could be! Congratulations!

    I mainly play on PC for overwatch now, I do still own it on xbox, but don't play it at all on there, its just so much more fun on PC with mouse and keyboard. I've been playing RDR2 a lot on Xbox One though!
    Nice! I'm a PC player mainly too! I'm on a Brooklyn Nine-Nine binge right now so I'm not playing too many games, but add me!
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    Re: Where are they now?

    Married. 30. Donkey was at my wedding, and you were not.

    Pretending to be Micro.

    Global Security Lead, I am a stormtrooper with the 501st. So I am expendable.

    Life is Grand.

    Also. I love Loco. and I quit the Wars.


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    Re: Where are they now?

    I'm 24 and working as a CPA up in Michigan. Just bought a house and am pretending to be a handyman and fix it up.

    No kids, no marriage. Maybe married soon, but not to who you'd think.

    Really glad everyone is doing well here. Seems like years ago everyone was struggling through life and school.

    I almost exclusively play CSGO, I have a few of you added on Steam.

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    Re: Where are they now?

    Married, no kids

    Have a masters in applied computer science and work for a law enforcement software company in SC. I still play games, but have pretty much been converted to PC games only. I plan on playing Halo Infinite though.

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    Re: Where are they now?

    hey guys. i first joined fc wars back when halo 4 came out. i loved this community and what it was doing. I still play halo a lot so please anyone who sees this add me as a friend. my gt is KingShadowsX. i would love to see this community make a comeback when halo infinite comes out.

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    Re: Where are they now?

    I got addicted to molly and am currently a male stripper.

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    Re: Where are they now?

    Got Married March 3, 2018. Just turned 27. Currently working as an insurance fraud investigator, and still gaming a good amount, mostly on PC.

    Good to see everyone doing well and maturing. Also good to hear from you again, Dr K!!!

    Maybe some day FC will come back around with a vengeance

    I created Hill 30

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    Re: Where are they now?

    What's popping FC. It's your boy Haha, and my balls dropped about 3 years back, so that's pretty cool. When I dropped off the grid from FC, that was due to me getting addicted to Overwatch and Smash Bros. Y'all played Ultimate yet? Shit's dope lol. Started playing Destiny 2 on PS4 with my work buds, I work at a shitty, failing movie theater btw. Maybe if wars resume, I'll return, but we'll see. Peace out dudes
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